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  1. Hi all, thanks for your help? I realised I had lost the cannon pinion and found it on the floor. All of the above issues have now been cured. i now have another problem, the balance runs but it stops after a short period of time., it was running fine in the past through. does anyone have another cures?
  2. I have removed dial and found out that the cannon pinion is up and the centre wheel is just all over the shop? i don’t know how to cure this now? I’ve pushed the pinion back down but now can’t get hands back on for some reason
  3. The crown moves the hand very freely. As nothing was wrong.
  4. Hi all, just received this from aregentina. Want working initially, so I removed the balance & pallet fork and and wound the crown to give all wheels a good run to clean out any crap. it was then working great, however, I ha noticed this afternoon that the hour / minute hands were not turning but the second was. can anyone think of a reason and fix?
  5. Hi all. it screws out about half of a full rotation and gets jammed. I thought initially that it was a screw off but being that I can’t get it off with all my strength, I thought otherwise. what do you propose I do in this circumstance? tah,
  6. Hi all. i have just acquired this nice Tissot for a nice price. i am currently stumped as to how this watch back comes off. I have tried unscrewing this but it stops half way and can’t physically go any further, I can’t seem to pop it off. I have broken a few screw drivers b y doing this and there doesn’t even seem to be a groove where it’s a typical pop off. can somebody please help with this one?
  7. Hi all, can an anyone recommend a decent ultrasonic watch cleaner with a few baskets for around the £40 mark and where to get it from. eBay? i brought a sonic cleaner but all that does is just shake them around a bit.
  8. Hi all, i Brought another watch a few weeks ago and it doesn’t seem to want to work no matter what. ive took off apart the watch movement and balance and oiled and put it back together again. There’s no sticky hair springs, no magnatisim. It’s just whenever I move the watch and gravity applies to it, it stops until I have to tap it again. The balance does run freely when sat still for a while and nothing seems to be broken. Can anyone advise please. Its an odd chronograph, the top pusher resets it back to 12 and the bottom holds the second hand until released and then it carries on.
  9. Okay so its not a case of moisture / water getting in. Its simply just a case of moisture already in there and heat creating condensation? Once i remove all moisture within, it should happen again?
  10. Hi all I have a ANCRE divers watch here and I’ve noticed that sometimes the face condensates and I wonder why. The back cannot be any tighter, the crystal is tension ring fitted and I’ve stuck an o ring I had lying around in the crown. can somebody please advise. I have this issues with a few other watches, another is a 90s seiko 7002.
  11. Hi all, Thanks for your help! Monday evening i gave the balance a little oil and blew out any bits & bobs through the movement with my bicycle pump. I also demagnetized the whole movement. It seems to have worked perfectly until last night where i just noticed it had crawled 2 mins ahead and then i reset it and againt crawled 3 mins in the space of 10 mins. I had then removed the watch and sat it on the table until the morning where it had not increased anymore time. Is there any chance that this could be due to over winding the automatic movement or is that not a thing.
  12. How would i gently clean the coils / hairspring as i dont have a ultra sonic clean and cant be bothered to take it all apart again.
  13. Hello there, Ive had my clean and oiled watch with my refurbished balance ticking away nicely over the weekend keeping extraordinary perfect timing! then suddenly whenever i looked down last night its been increasing and decreasing in time of about 20 Mins. i dont understand why.
  14. But the Inner Ring actually has a dot underneath and that sits in the case notch fine. Would this not suffice?
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