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  1. Hi all, Thank you all very much for your advice and feedback. I have purchased another aftermarket set of hands and dial from somewhere in the Philippians. I will have a go at the dial dots to begin with but if they do not work then ill just put the new one on.
  2. Thank you for your advice. Never thought about soldering, great idea. What are dial dots by the way?
  3. Hello there, Ive been on here with quite a few posts in regards to my seiko 7002 watch movement. Im brand new to horology and wanted to open up my watch and see how it works. the amount of components that broke in this process is ridiculous. Last night after receiving my new escape wheel in the post. i had completely reassembled it and yet it still didnt work. At this point i wanted to launch the watch as far as i can out the window and was on the verge of tears. i sheared some pins on my watch dial face and now that is only held by one pin. i had ground one of the plastic wheels for the calendar change and a click spring almost pierced the metal cover plate. I had finally give up until i found out that my pallet fork was jamming the flow of train wheels and amended this. I was so relived that it was finally in beat. The satisfaction of getting this repaired was great! Where can i source a new navy blue dial face complete with pins from?
  4. Helloe there, After deep analysis yesterday afternoon, i believe the escape wheel top pivot has sheared off as when the top plate was and i had tried to move the wheel with and needle and magnifying glass, i see there is a heck of a lot of play even when the top pivot is central to the appropriate jewel. Am i right in thinking that this has broken?
  5. Hello there, I have a old seiko 7002 and the lume on the hands and face are dim and dont last very long. Is it difficult to re-lume this? Tah,
  6. I must admit ive just been researching that and i dont believe they're broken but maybe just not sitting in the bridge over plate. It must be why when i turn the mainspring, the two time wheels turn but the escape wheel does not. How can i put this in place correctly, because it is very fiddly. Thankyou very much!
  7. Hello there, The other day i took apart my Vintage Seiko 7002 Divers Watch to ascertain the issue with the second hand randomly stopping. i believe i resolved the issue because the mainspring barrel cap had popped off and needed clicked back together, i had replaced the balance (i had accidentally bent the hairspring), and the 2nd reduction wheel reverse threaded screw(because someone previously had sheared the thread. Now, last night after i received the components in the post, i had reassembled the watch and now the balance wheel is not turning and when i slightly put pressure and wind the mainspring, you can just hear the spring releasing its self and also, when i turn the crown to fiddle with the time adjustment, the hands will turn rapidly with no control.
  8. Hello there, After disassembly of my seiko 7002 watch movement, i couldnt help but notice my 2nd reduction wheel reverse threaded screw had sheared off, leading to me believing that was the cause of my watch playing up, along with the mainspring barrel popping of. The screw head is sheared off and the remaining thread is still in the main plate. is there any way i can remove this and salvage the main plate and just get a new screw? Thanks.
  9. Hello there, Im looking to restore my seiko 7002 divers watch movement and am looking to thoroughly clean all parts covered in gunk and old oil. Do i require and ultrasonic cleaning machine for this or can i use an alternative method? Kind regards, Ryan
  10. I have recently purchased a new mainspring complete with barrel anyway. I might just replace my existing one which shall get rid of that issue.
  11. Hello there, Thankyou very much for your promt response, I was afraid it might come to this, so ive prepared myself by recently purchasing an watch repair kit and oils. I will first check to make sure the second hand is securely on. I will most likely just follow restoration videos on youtube and get it overhauled. Is there any reason why the watch also keeps a bad power reserve? Kind regards,
  12. Hello there, Im very new to watch movements but will love to restore this one i have eventually. Im just looking for advice, my Seiko 7002 automatic Divers Watch seems to be loosing time, i think this my derive from the second hand occasionally stopping randomly. I brought this watch from ebay last week and wear it all the time i also give it a 2 minute shake twice a day, so there cant be a reason that it isnt fully charged. Is there an easy fix or will i have to strip down the watch and clean / oil it. Kind regards, Ryan
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