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  1. The bezel fits okay. I steady the ball on spring and press on the bezel, however, the springs force it pushing up one side and therefore not giving a smooth click
  2. Hi all, got a new bezel inesert today, when I popped off the ring I noticed that the ball had fell out of its seating. I tried to push it back but it can’t get back in it’s seat, it just keeps Going down and up. Anyone with any knowledge know how to fix this. now it just roughly slides
  3. Just seems odd... movement caliber no is MB 2066
  4. His there. Brought this watch from us, and just wondering if it was a fake. Winder is a tad rough and the movement looks odd. What do people think? Couldn’t see why somebody would spend time faking a fairly cheap vintage watch?
  5. Hi all, can I have some advice on how to clean rust and muck off of the dial. If you see near the 1-4 there is some rust spots and marks. Is there a gentle way to clean this up? Tah,
  6. I had tried to polish the crystal with a dermal but have pushed my luck and scorched the bottom of it. Can’t be seen clearly from pics but it beyond polish and as for the hands. I wanted to get a original white Hour / minute hands and red second hand.
  7. Hi all. Got a new one here. It needs some minor work. However I’m struggling to find any parts for it as it’s quite obsolete. I want a new crystal, new hands. Does anyone know where to get these parts, even from another movement that’s comparable? tah,
  8. Hi all, I have recently serviced my seiko 7002. Stripped and hand cleaned. Looking shiny and brand new. Everything was tying up wel when I put it all back together, however, when I put the balance on, it didn’t want to turn. Thought this could have been down to a damaged bushing so I then stripped again and changed the main plate. Still didn’t want to turn after that. I even changed the balance to from another seiko which was working perfectly and again it didn’t turn on the serviced watch. I am lost. The pallet forks click as they should with power. Cleaned the jewels. any ideas?
  9. HiI have brought the same movement. My hour and minute hands do not move? I suspect due to the cannon pinion and that assembly not being properly tight and the wheel underneath How would I tighten this? I’ve just had another look, I can’t seem to get the plate wheel that fits on finally to be fixed in place while turning all wheels, it just sort of lifts off itself
  10. I have brought another movement like this and having the same trouble with the hands not running? How would I gently push the cannon pinion down? movement is an ETA 2472
  11. Hi all, thanks for your help? I realised I had lost the cannon pinion and found it on the floor. All of the above issues have now been cured. i now have another problem, the balance runs but it stops after a short period of time., it was running fine in the past through. does anyone have another cures?
  12. I have removed dial and found out that the cannon pinion is up and the centre wheel is just all over the shop? i don’t know how to cure this now? I’ve pushed the pinion back down but now can’t get hands back on for some reason
  13. The crown moves the hand very freely. As nothing was wrong.
  14. Hi all, just received this from aregentina. Want working initially, so I removed the balance & pallet fork and and wound the crown to give all wheels a good run to clean out any crap. it was then working great, however, I ha noticed this afternoon that the hour / minute hands were not turning but the second was. can anyone think of a reason and fix?
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