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  1. The watch so far has kept good time. Maybe its just a case of trial and error and until i get a really timegrapher, then id have no luck with these apps.
  2. Hello, I have recently brought a seiko 7002 and fully restored it and freshly oiled it. I am now at the stage of trying to regulate the beat error / timing. I have purchased one of those timegrapher app on my iphone to save on money. I had the microphone on top of the balance yesterday and manged to get the beat error t 0.50ms appox. and the time average rate of -6 secs per day. I was very happy with this for a first attempt. However, after checking it a while later, the results were thrown out. perhaps this was also due to the fact i had the microphone underneath the cyrstal this time. The graph also doesn't correspond to the typical two parallel lines angled. Mine are dotted everywhere imaginable. i am also in complete silence by the way. But ive seen someones elses like this with good regulation on the internet, perhaps its just the app? Can someone more skilled please advise, because id really like to take this hobby up.
  3. Helloe everyone, Does anyone know where i can get a good quality brown leather watch bund (two piece) from the uk for no more than £35 but probably more than £10 for quality purposes.
  4. Hello there, I have acquired a rotating bezel from another donor watch. I have just brought a replacement acrylic screen because the other was perished, I had no luck in doing this as it broke and snapped on the press. does anyone know if I can swap an acrylic screen with a glass one and how to install them?
  5. Hello everyone, I have recently come into possession of a vintage Avia watch with a black dial and what appears to be gold case. I had cleaned and polished it up using a dremel drill with a buffer and compound. there was no greenish tinge to the case after i done this and no steel underneath. How can i tell if this watch is gold or just gold coated? Thankyou.
  6. I dont think there will be an issue with removing the movement with the glass off, the dial seems to be within the glass dome, therefore should just drop out. The whole case seems flush and solid, no gaps, except for the glass. However, looking at other pics of these, i seem to be missing the rotating divers bezel. Does anyone know where i can get one and a replacement glass? See attached a below pic from the internet of what i mean.
  7. Okay thanks very much to all. I will source a large syringe tonight and give it a go. It just seems like such a inconvenient way to open it, compared to modern divers. Does anyon know where i can source a replacement Glass and Rotation Bezel from?
  8. Okay,, I have clarified that it is a two piece stem. I got frustrated and bit the bullet the ripped that crown out. I am still stumped as to getting the glass / case back off though. Thsnks,
  9. Hello there, ive recently brought a bulver divers watch from the circa 60s i believe, in order to restore it. However, for the love of me I cannot seem to open up the case. It’s either a pop off or a screw back. There is no lip or notch to pry up. I have no idea. Can someone please advise on how to get this open. Also, does anyone know where I can get a replacement bezel from?
  10. Hello everyone, I appreciate all the help you have given me! I have recently reassembled my seiko 7002 watch an there are some issues that need to be cleared up. Few bullet points below to be picked up on. The second hand stops randomly and doesn't respond till i tap the crystal, the is ofcourse now causing a significant lack of time keeping. Also, i believe this is because of the balance insertion. When i was putting the balance in, when i was tightening it down, the balance would randomly stop and wasnt very stong. This is a new balance though. Also, the date calendar wheel slips when i turn the bezel or excessive movement and puts any date in the window. There is a slight grind sometimes when i turn the crown, however, i believe this is because the end of the spine is broken and i am awaiting a new one. But this will do for the meantime. The hands a slightly bent but it allows enough clearance for turning, does anyone know how i can rectify this or bend them back.
  11. Hi all, Thank you all very much for your advice and feedback. I have purchased another aftermarket set of hands and dial from somewhere in the Philippians. I will have a go at the dial dots to begin with but if they do not work then ill just put the new one on.
  12. Thank you for your advice. Never thought about soldering, great idea. What are dial dots by the way?
  13. Hello there, Ive been on here with quite a few posts in regards to my seiko 7002 watch movement. Im brand new to horology and wanted to open up my watch and see how it works. the amount of components that broke in this process is ridiculous. Last night after receiving my new escape wheel in the post. i had completely reassembled it and yet it still didnt work. At this point i wanted to launch the watch as far as i can out the window and was on the verge of tears. i sheared some pins on my watch dial face and now that is only held by one pin. i had ground one of the plastic wheels for the calendar change and a click spring almost pierced the metal cover plate. I had finally give up until i found out that my pallet fork was jamming the flow of train wheels and amended this. I was so relived that it was finally in beat. The satisfaction of getting this repaired was great! Where can i source a new navy blue dial face complete with pins from?
  14. Helloe there, After deep analysis yesterday afternoon, i believe the escape wheel top pivot has sheared off as when the top plate was and i had tried to move the wheel with and needle and magnifying glass, i see there is a heck of a lot of play even when the top pivot is central to the appropriate jewel. Am i right in thinking that this has broken?
  15. Hello there, I have a old seiko 7002 and the lume on the hands and face are dim and dont last very long. Is it difficult to re-lume this? Tah,
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