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  1. Hi All, Had a review of these issues and it was mainly beat error within the balance, hence the odd ticking noises. in relation to the first issue, it is now ticking and moving correctly, however, it stil ticks way too fast. it was working well and ticking at around 18000BPH which is how it should when i first put the balance back on, but then i must have knocked it and give it shock, then it jumped to well over 1800 BPH and was jumped 20 mins within 10 MINS real time. The other watches had been running last night when i revised the beat error, then it must have randomly stopped overnight and lost 1:30h in the morning.
  2. Hello all. I have a common issue with a few of my watches and can do with advise. my first issue is with my balance sounding like it has a limp every revolution of the balance wheel. I believe this is a reason why it stops. another one is that my other watch runs incredibly fast and regulating seems to be have no impact. It is only a 21600BPH but it seems to run at more than that, so much the the second hand now just sweeps where it used to tick before. I have two balances for this that does that. i have demagnetized them both and serviced the watch. Can somebody please advise.
  3. How much do you think this watch will be worth. Is there anyway i can get an evaluation easily. I have a few other mysterious watches also i need to price up.
  4. How on earth did you acquire this much info about the watch history in that time?
  5. Hello there. i have acquired this 70s rally style dive watch the other day. Not too sure on the history of Avystle, nor how much they’re worth. i was planning on giving it a clean tonight. I might sand the case down to remove some scratches and clean the dial. It looks like a delicate dial and have never cleaned one before, can anyone advise?
  6. Hi There, thankyou for getting back to me. To be honest with you, im not going to be re-plating. Im not getting chemically involved. nor sending this out. Is there a chance of sand papering this down and re-polishing (like on youtube vids) or is this strictly for Stainless Steel.
  7. Hi everyone, I really appreciate all of your assistance on the above watch. I have now sourced a complete movement where ill just replace. I have another query regarding general watch case cleaning. I dont believe this watch is stainless steel and there is some signs of brassing / brownness underneath on the edges. Is it possible to clean this and restore it to its former gleam?
  8. And that’s why I know have two additional watches coming in the post . There are worse hobbies
  9. I might buy this watch and just replace my movement with it. Can someone confirm that this will fit my watch and i can add the calendar wheel onto it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Donada-17-Jewel-Watch-EB8800-Movement-Ticking-Repairs-T10/153620778112?hash=item23c4830c80:g:-IsAAOSw3SFdQY7W
  10. Yeah these movement don’t look great! But I really do like the watch itself and think it’s aged well. An everyday wearer. Id even be happy just to buy another complete movement from the internet but I cannot really find one
  11. I believe I now require a new complete balance as well as the previously mentioned piece. Does anyone have both of these pieces?
  12. I have another issue among many. I have lots my cover plate to the balance jewel. perhaps I’ve not the skill for this hobby
  13. The second crown has no impact on the movement and only locks the rotation bezel in place
  14. Oh sorry didnt see the second URL. I believe its item, 443/1 as its local to the other keyless works items.
  15. I greatly appreciate all of your help!!!! A real asset to this forum. I have had a scour through the internet to find donor movements, however i am struggling to find anything. I would appreciate if your could have a look in your box of bits n' bobs and will pay you for one if you can find one.
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