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  1. Boley is a wholesale only to businesses and not private persons. If they canĀ“t track up your company then I belive you will not get a account. Morten
  2. The vikings communicates always in the native language Vic! Morten
  3. Hyggelig med flere Norske her. Lykke til med BHI kurset! Morten
  4. 1. Sounds like the stop lever "hack" is not centered with sliding pinion. 2. I have seen it before when the hour hammer spring is assembled the wrong way. Morten
  5. These videos are important to look at before you start polishing. Morten
  6. It is Good Friday today. Some people are closed.
  7. I am now in trial stage to be able to repair oyster and jubilee bracelets. I primarily talk about repairing the stretch and looseness in the links. Major injuries that required laser welding etc, have to wait until later. The tools that I have now is not from the shelf at Rolex or by the wholesaler. It is a toolmaker who has been kind to create some special tools that allows me to take the links safely apart, and that I can push them back together without creating damage. But they will not fix the amount of stretch in the links. The pins inside the bracelet is being sanded down after years of use. Muck and other stuff that get inside the links, is as abrasive as pins and link rub against each other. This allows both the links and the pins to ground down so the space inside the links gets bigger and bigger. It is said that the more often you clean the bracelet in an ultrasound cleaner, the better the bracelet stays nice and firm. For that gap to be repaired I must insert a tube on the pins that make the bracelet tight again. The links also have different size of the wear from one bracelet to another. There are also large differences in wear from link to link, so it needed a few different sizes of tubes to be used. These tubes are not exactly cheap in 316 SS so I waited a bit with the large orders for now. Regarding President Links I must first find me a jeweler who can help me to both acquire gold, but also can shape it for me to into the right sizes.
  8. Did you adjust the movement before you put it back in the case?
  9. This is known problem with Elma products. After I switched to L & R, I have not had this problem any more. Morten
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bs9s3c4skxhcbrs/AAD5D_lkP-7zFyjuIGDWKVC3a?dl=0
  11. Maybe you should have talked to this guy? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150487677305?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Morten
  12. What kind of hairspring are you looking for? The old swiss system of hairspring sizes is called CGS, and before that GR. There are still a few places were you can find hairsprings with CGS sizes of Nivarox or Isoval. But if I were making a pocket watch, I would have looked for some NOS Hamilton Elinvar hairsprings. George Daniels said that Elinvar was the best there is. Morten
  13. Interesting, what kind are you planning to make, pocket or a wrist watch? Morten
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