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  1. By the sound of your intro, youngbrian, you are a man of wealth and taste. As a fellow beginner in the wonderful world of horology, may I welcome you to one of the friendliest and helpful forums I've ever had the pleasure to join. I'm sorry to hear of your slight mishap with the pocket watch, but I'm sure that these guys can help you. Good luck with your task. Kev.
  2. Thanks Joe. I confess to being a true beginner to all things horological, so if I ask too many questions, please feel free to tell me to bugger off stop. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I've always loved the sicura jump hours since I was a kid and now I have 2. one works (gold one) and one doesn't (chrome). My mission is to get the chrome one to work.


    1. noirrac1j



      Ask as many questions as needed. I hope I can be of help getting that chrome Sicura to work.


    2. ac30kev


      I think I may have a problem with the pallet fork arm; I think maybe that a pin has sheared on it. This could explain why I cannot get the bridge to hold it in place between the jewels. I have ordered another and will be able to confirm when it comes. (it was only around $10, so if I don't need it, it's not too much wasted cash). Another issue is that the hairspring has become completely separated from the cover plate, but still attached to the wheel. I have no idea how this should be fastened in lace - if you could point me in a direction with this, I would be very grateful.

    3. noirrac1j


      Can you take a picture of that balance? I'm not sure what you mean when you say the hairspring has come off the cover plate.

  3. Rather than hi-jacking this excellent and useful thread, I tried to send you a message noirrac1j, but the system told me you cant accept my messages. Would you mind if I asked a few questions over the next few weeks (when I can get time to play with, er attempt to fix, my broken movement?
  4. yes, Thats the part. I can see that the bejewelled bridge should hold that in place, but on the pic I've put above, you can see the fork standing up by itself. is this some kind of magic us watch newbies don't know of yet?
  5. Oh, you will wish you hadn't said that. LOL. One question though; how in the name of blazes did you get the erm, fork thingy (regulator? Sorry, I'm new to all this) to stay upright in a poc over on the assembly thread (sorry, on phone and cant look and type) there doesn't seem to be a hole for the pin to fit into and the covering plate doesnt seem to touch it... confused.com
  6. This is FANTASTIC!!!! I have this movement in my own jump hour watch(es) and am hoping I have the patience to strip down and repair mine too. Many, many thanks for posting these excellent pics. 5 years on, but you are my newest hero!
  7. Thank you for the offer to help. I don't know the sizes but will try to find out very soon. I left the watch with a repair shop to service it so cannot give you the information yet.

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    2. ac30kev


      Many thanks for your assistance, my friend.

    3. ac30kev


      GS CY934 (c39) 28.0 x 20.2 x 32.0 is, I believe, the correct crystal, if this means anything to you?

    4. ac30kev


      oops sorry, wrong person. But that's the watch crystal I'm after if you know where I could get one from.

  8. I'm new to the forum having found it through an internet search after recently buying a Sicura Jump Hour Watch and wanting more information about it. Timepieces have always fascinated me, but I am no horologist, amateur or otherwise.I leave that to the professionals. That does not mean I am adverse to minor attempts at ...er, ...meddling with watches. So, from time to time, I may beg for advise feom you more knowledgeable members (ie everyone else), if you don't mind. Cheers all, Kev.
  9. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I had to say what a wonderful job you made of this. If you are still around (4 years is a long time, ha ha) do you have details of where the crystal came from as I have just bought one of these myself and joined the forum because of this thread.
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