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  1. no sorry. I didn't word the first post properly. I honestly wasn't even expecting a reply lol. In the first post, I found a watch online with what I thought was the same problem so I threw those pics up until I could take pictures of my watch. Second post of mine is my actual watch. So if I get this dial off, can I just push on the hands myself or do I need a special hand tool? Also, what order do they go on ? lol
  2. ok so this watch does't have pushers. And I did remove the stem before I took out the movement. I thought it was all good to come out, so I pulled on the movement a little and the movement came off and the watch face stayed in place along with the hands. Unlike the youtube videos where the watch face plops out with the quartz movement all in 1 piece So how do I get to these watch hands to attach them back?
  3. I offered to switch out the battery on my friends quartz watch since it had died (the seconds hand was ticking in place) I replaced the battery and still nothing. So i thought I'd take out the movement to get a closer look. so I tug on it a little and it pops out, and the watch face stays in place. Now I have loose hands stuck between glass and the face with no way to get the dial off. after 2 hours of internet searching I found only 1 post with the same problem. And their solution doesn't help. https://www.instructables.com/community/How-to-remove-watch-facedial/ This isn't my watch but It's the exact same problem. There is some sort of retaining ring holding the face from coming out of the back. I cannot pry it out, I've tried. Do I have to remove the crystal? heat? I've got basic repair tools for my Seiko 5, but don't have a crystal press. Is this cheap Chinese watch toast? I can give pics of my exact watch if you'd like.
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