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  1. Hi, Just keen to say hello. I’m a complete novice at this but have already enjoyed stripping down a couple of cheap movements. Looking forward to learning from good literature and through this forum. Regards. Lanski.
  2. Hi, First I’m new at this. So far I’ve taken a couple of cheap movements to pieces to get my head round the mechanics in tandem with the guidance in de Carle’s Book. My first attempt at a restoration is on an late 1800 Swiss small fob watch that I picked up off eBay for spares or repair. The strip down has gone OK till I got to the canon pinion which I cannnot seem to budge and have stopped for fear of damaging it. Any advice on how to progress would be very much appreciated. Additionally, the watch came with a minute hand in situe but with the hour hand broken off. The minute hand is 13 mm centre to tip. Any suggestions as to the best route to source a new hand/ set of hands. All new to me so don’t assume much knowledge. Regards. Lanski.
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