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  1. Hi All - I thought it better to add to an old thread than fire up a brand new one. Standing on the shoulders of giants if you will. I have an Orient F6922 which needs a new regulator pin and am considering the S37393 from Cousins. Obviously I only need one such pin at the moment. Is there a method of fitting it without needing a staking set? Obviously the weak point is the brass pin itself. Or do I need to step up and invest in a staking set?
  2. Problem is that I am 6'1" and my legs don't completely fit under that pull out desktop.
  3. I have just started out in this great hobby having been a collector (buyer, spender) for nearly 20 years. I bought this wonderful mid century modern desk for £40 but it mostly operates as my desk. I am thinking of getting something which affords more height and is adjustable to the task like the computer desk shown which is about £40 on ebay.
  4. Thank you for some great perspectives there jdm. I would like to take you up on your offer of the practice parts. Really appreciate that. I will DM you. Regarding the replacement cheapie parts. I am working on an Orient F6922 which I messed the HS up on while moving the end stud. It made the HS want to run along the shortest distance between the end stud and regulator pins. I have ordered 2x new balance wheels with HSs for the grand sum of £3.96. Will report how these perform. They are advertised as 46943 parts, but I am going to investigate how much Orient changed when coming up with the F69.
  5. I have two 7S26As. One is working fine and the other lost a roller jewel a few years back and has sat dormant until I got off my bottom and got more in to watch repair. My question is, would it be possible to get the cheaper and more readily available 7S26B/C part and just replace the HS end stud so the 0310197 effectively becomes a 0310020? Another option is to get a replacement roller jewel - while they are £5 for an assortment of 100 on ebay, there is not guarantee that the pack will contain one that suits. Any advice from experience?
  6. if you are asking me, no the watch has stopped completely. The hairspring looked like a cat had been at it.
  7. Thank you jaycey - will have a look. I am wondering if the NH35/36 balance assembly is interchangeable with the F6922. They look pretty similar in photos.
  8. I was not as lucky with my F6922, I was moving the balance cock while trying to reduce the beat error. However, the HS got bent badly when the balance cock moved suddenly. I am in the process of trying to reshape the HS, but it is quite bent. Does anyone know where (if) I can get a new Balance Assembly for the F6922? I am based in the UK. Thanks
  9. HI Everyone, I have been watching from the outside for some time and love Mark's videos. Very informative and down to earth. Looking forward to learning from fellow wanderers, tinkerers and super-skilled professionals along the way. Thank you
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