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  1. I'm not expecting some "Magic Circle" type revelation. I was simply asking for advice as this is my first project and a little advice would help a lot. Naively, I have always thought that a forum is a place of public discussion and extending one's wisdom to others. In your case Sanctum may be a more appropriate word. I do apologise for the repetition of my enquiry but I simply forgot about my earlier posting. Unlike you who disdainfully referred to the "Fashion Watch" in both of your replies, despite already being aware of the sentimental value. I think an apology is most certainly in order on this occasion. I eagerly await your response.
  2. I have a Gucci 9000M which is currently in bits! I want to put it back together but there are a few parts missing. I am trying to do this with as little expense as possible. Does anyone know of anywhere that I can buy second hand parts or better still buy a defunct donor?
  3. A friend recently asked me if I knew anything about a watch he had just acquired, and I had to admit I knew nothing (he had probably already guessed that by my rather prolonged silence). The watch is apparently made by "VISIBLE" and has a very nice looking movement. This makes me think that is of above average quality. I have not actually seen the watch but he has sent me a few photos. I have attached these pictures to aid identification. There not very good quality photos but the internal ones are quite clear My avenues of research are now exhausted and have got me nowhere. Is there anybody here who can shed some light on this watch? I certainly hope so. Phil
  4. I have been given a Gucci 9000M which is in need of reassembly. However, there are a few bits missing. The main bits are the bezel and a movement retainer as the ETA 955.412 just flops about inside. I will also need a dial logo and an hour baton. Failing that, a replacement dial (pref "champagne"). Does anyone have any of these parts or know where I might be able to get them? I would prefer second hand parts as the watch has sentimental value as it belonged to my girlfriend's best friend before and I don't want it to look new. It will also keep the cost down.
  5. Success! It all came apart fairly easily. I had to grind two little spikes off the back of the face as they didn't line up in the new position and glue it back on. The hands popped back on okay too. I chose this particular watch as it doesn't have a second hand. The only casualty was the 1 o'clock baton. That'll have to go back on at a later date. Thanks for your advice. I could not have done it otherwise. What a great site this is! I'm now after some parts for a Gucci watch which I was recently given...in pieces. I hope I have as muck luck with that little project. Thanks again, Phil
  6. Perfect! I use a screwdriver in between and parallel to the two fingers and rotated it gently while pulling on the stem. It came away with no problem at all. Thank you so much. I would have probably ended up damaging it. I'll let you know if it goes back in as easily. Phil
  7. Hi my names Phil and I live in Kent and have a small collection of watches (mainly Rotary and similar). However, as most left-handers, I wear my watch on my right arm. So far I have successfully rotated the movements of a couple of cheap, unbranded watches bought from charity shops. Its now time to do the same to a Lorus watch ( "Y482-0020 [A1]" ). A watch which was bought for me by my parents over 30 years ago. The problem is that I cannot release the stem. I have pushed everything and loosened every screw that look like it could do the trick but still it won't come out. The movement says "SINGAPORE TIME PTE Ltd. Y482A L". Can anyone please help? Phil
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