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  1. Hello Anilv. What you say makes a lot of sense to me. If my particular watch had a shim maybe it wasn't replaced when it was last serviced. But as you say, if the balace pivots have less end shake due to the missing shim the balance should stop or at least have difficulty rotating back and forth, not making noises. Strange indeed. I wish I had another 2409 movement or similar ones to make a comparison of the sound. I might even start to believe that this is how russian watches sound. Thank you for taking your time to reply. Have a nice day.
  2. Thank you for your reply m1ks. Taking the good performance of the watch aside I'm curious about the origin of the sound. My only concern about it is that whatever is causing the sound may be causing premature wear on some components. About a month ago I needed to buy a new strap so I went to my watchmaker to had it changed. It never crossed my mind to ask him about the sound at that time but I told him to take a peek at the movement to see if everything was alright. He said everything was clean and properly lubricated. He only pointed out that the balance had a bare minimum amount of play/wobble but that it shouldn't affect the performance of the watch. Taking into consideration that the sound only happens when the balance cock screw is properly tightened and goes away when the screw is lose maybe the issue is related to that behaviour of the balance. I also though about what you said about the sound being amplified through the movement and case. Considering the movement is held by two screws to the metal spacer ring but not to the case itself. Maybe when I get the proper tools I'll investigate more deeply into this subject. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hello everyone. This is my first proper post here I hope someone can help me to identify this "issue". I have a Vostok watch from the 80's with the 2409 movement. It keeps good time (within 3 seconds a day). Beat error is 0.1 ms and the amplitude fluctuates between 240° and 265° depending on the position. The issue with the watch is that I hear a strange sound that only goes away when losening the balance cock screw. As soon as the screw starts putting the minimum amount of pressure to the balance cock the strange sound begins. Currently I don't have the proper tools to handle the movement aside from proper watchmaker's screwdrivers so I cannot take out the balance cock assembly to check if something seems off. I have attached two audio files, the first one with the balance cock screw properly tightened. The second one with the balance cock screw lose. Excuse the poor quality audio but is the best I could do with what I have available. Hopefuly someone can help me identify this issue. 2409 sample 1.wav 2409 sample 2.wav
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Victor and I live in South America. I've always being interested by how things work so I've been taking things apart and putting them back together from very young age. I was born in 1984 so quartz watches and clocks were quite common for me since young age. Nevertheless I knew of the existence of mechanical watches and clocks from tv and documentaries. Fortunately at home we had a Junghans wall clock from the 50's I believe. It didn't work but I kept looking at it and thinking what was wrong with it. One day (around 15 years ago) I took it off the wall, took out the mechanism from the wooden case and studied the parts for a couple of hours and voila, I got it running again until this day (it probably needs new bushings and oiling). This was the experience that sparked my interest in clocks and watches. I also have three mechanical watches lying around at home, one of them a hand-wound Olma Polo with an AS caliber (I don't know which one) belonged to my grandfather (unfortunately not running anymore). The other one is a Citizen with the 8050A automatic movement that needs repair because of a fall. My everyday watch is a Vostok (not a Komandirskie nor an Amphibia) with the 2409 movement that keeps good time. I think mechanical watches are fascinating little machines as well as pieces of art and I'm glad people around this forum appreciate these marvels. I'm so glad I found Mark's videos on youtube, they are such a pleasure to watch. Have a nice day everyone!
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