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  1. had the same carpet problem till i fitted laminate flooring haven't lost a click spring since, don't seem to have a problem losing screws but when i come across a movement which looks like it has been worked on with an axe i like to replace damaged screws etc. so the movement looks nicer when finished, i get them from watchpartsforapound.com. i find its ok to get selection boxes but they never seem to be the right length, head diameter or thread so i prefer to get the right bit
  2. watchpartsforapound.com has hundreds of movements for parts and as the name says they are cheap, saved my bacon lots of times
  3. i have only ever used old oilers which i may have to adjust the end to size, as i seem to mainly work on tiny movements they are good where you sometimes have to get in between coils and can be bent easily to get into awkward places
  4. you must be just a bit unlucky since i started this hobby i must have sold in excess of 100 items on ebay with very little problem, from non runners i couldn't fix, quartz store return job lots and watches that i have repaired some go for more than expected some for less but it evens our in the end, the ones i have most difficulty selling are small ladies i only repair these now lf they dont cost me anything, look at your ebay settings and adjust the filters so anyone with negative feedback or below a certain score cant bid but carry on i find its a good cheap way to sell things even if its no
  5. thanks for all your help, when i had assembled the movement i checked that the coils were nice and flat and the coils looked pretty and even spaced even the arc from reg pins to anchor looked good but after your comments i looked again at higher mag as it was a small ladies watch and low and behold when i regulated it i could see it was pushing the coils sideways so i adjusted the arc in situ as at the moment i am not competent in stripping the balance still in practice mode but have now managed to get it running fast and am now trying to adjust so the reg indicator is central, wish me luck, a
  6. hi guys, got two probs on two watches that i hope someone can help me with, on one i can adjust it and it will lose a minute a day which is ok i can live with that but what puzzles me is that the ampltude is about 160 and b.e. is about 6, if i adjust it to run slower i can get amp of 240 and 0.2 b.e.but it will lose about 20 mins a day why is this, it has no b.e. adjustment on the regulator. the other prob on the other watch which i have now managed to adjust after a lot of hair tugging is i adjusted the b.e. to 0 the adjusted the reg but then the b.e. goes all out and took me ages to reach so
  7. hi chadders glad you got back with the test results, i was thinking of making one with an air dryer and bits and pieces but at £20 i can spend more time on the floor looking for bits while its drying the bits i didn't loose
  8. hi guys, having used my timegrapher for the last two weeks and wondering before if it was worth getting i now wonder how i managed with out one, but now i have a little question, i have a movement on it that that does what it should for about a couple of seconds then goes to the home screen and then back again to the evaluating screen and so on, the movement is working fine thro this and the machine is fine with another movement, just wondered if anyone else has had this prob, thanks, steve
  9. hi guys, i have just leapt into the 21st century and invested? in a timegrapher 1900 haven't got it out the box yet but read the instructions which took all of 5 minutes what a let down i was expecting at least some screen shots of faults or what to look for so what i need is some advice or is there some docs somewhere to download, thanks lads
  10. had my first this week since 2004 sold a new chrono i got in a batch of cat returns but only the time worked no other functions and i advertised it as such only for the buyer to complain that i had said it was unmarked but the crystal was scratched, when i got it back low and behold it was, me being a sceptic i think he thought it was going to be a quick fix but wasn't so unloaded it this way
  11. hi roger, bit difficult to see exactly from your pics so i'll have a guess, if the black line is recessed paint it with black paint then rub back with 1200 paper or finer, if not get some decal paper from amazon or the like also get bonding liquid like sol, measure up and you will be able to print it up really easy in any desktop publisher program, this is an easy project any probs get back
  12. hi, for questions like this it would be a good idea to give us some pics as in my limited experience the movement in most cases is the easiest bit to restore, the dial and case can make restoration cost prohibitive
  13. if i was you if you can find an old fashioned radio repair shop give it to them to repair or if you are sure which part has failed which from your description could be the variable resister take the machine apart where you should find the values of the resister and if your lucky the maker with this information and the physical dimensions go on line for an electrical component supplier, steve
  14. hi guys, here are my two dabbles with the decal dial fix,the first dial i stripped and sprayed the finish is a lot better than seen in the picture then cleaned the raised numerals with a small piece of 1200 wet and dry looking thro a high mag and taking time not to catch dial again the finish is far better in real life and then made the decal if anyone is interested in the technique i used please respond to this post as it is a bit long winded and dont want to bore anyone not interested the second one was a bit similar i stripped the dial and polished it and painted in numerals applied same d
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