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  1. That's a good start in fact. I sent an email.
  2. Oh thanks, very useful! Sorry to abuse but If I want to order from, for example, cousinsuk.com, with is the best around here, how can I find the exact size and shape the I need?
  3. Case number is 7009-316A and I also need two change the back case gasket.
  4. Hello! I have to find a glass for a Seiko but I don't have the old model, it has been delivered to me with no glass. How do I should mesure the diameter and height? I have the old gasket on place, should I mesure with the gasket on or without it? Thanks for your precious answer.
  5. Thank you for your help, I will definitely look for a new one on eBay.
  6. Yes it has! I'm referring to the cracked on the right as bellow.
  7. Thank you David! I will look around.
  8. Hello! I hope my message will find everyone of you in good health. I'm actually working on a vintage Seiko and the case back is cracked (see the pictures). Do you have any idea/solution to repair it or it has to be replaced? Thank you and have a nice week-end. Nico
  9. Thank you very all for your answers, it gives me many possibilities and I will let you know very soon but you gave me motivation I needed. Thanks
  10. Hello there ! I'm facing a problem fitting the barrel arbor into the mainspring. I've just changed the mainspring for a brand new one, from generale ressorts and I have difficulty to insert the arbor, the spring end is very tight. Any suggestion because I'm afraid to break the spring or damage the barrel or arbor. Thank you. Nico
  11. Hi there i’m French and May can help here. Answers were right for both of them. “De” is the first part oft he name usually for noble people and was used to give information about the place where the person was. I confirm that the haute Normandie etc... is the address here in France but you need the street I guess. Nico
  12. Removal is for cleaning purpose. It needs to be done because the movement is really dirty.
  13. Thank you so much for taking time to explain! I understand what i’m Suppose to do and will let you know if I could make it. Nico
  14. To be sure to understand, you press on the canon pinion with your tool to be sure it’s straight against the watch plate and then you pull the second wheel down? If so, how do you pull it without moving?
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