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  1. hello I took off the hands and dial and reset the lever but for some reason I think i dont havbe it right. It still wont wind or at least it doesnt make the crunchy wind it should. what is the set lever and bolt.
  2. Hello I am currently working on putting together a flieger with a eta 6498 i ran into a bump, when I put in the crown stem I unscrewed the bolt too much and it “released” the bolt screw and now it will only turn dial hands not the gears themselves to wind the watch. Please help. 58078507621__DDA455F4-904D-4D9D-8140-2013FB0188AC.MOV
  3. Thank you all for your friendly advice!
  4. Hello! I joined after watching the video on how to put together ones own 6498 watch. I recently posted in another thread on my issue. I joined because I am lacking the right screws and clamps to hold my movement in place. THe arnex 6498 has an awk groove where the movement screw and clamp go. Please let me know if you can help!
  5. Hello I am new to this watch forum and recently I started assembling a Unitas 6498 movement into a watch case and ect I got to the final part of putting the movement clamp and screws in but I realized that I couldn't screw all the way down and saw that the washer/clamp didn't fit right either. I will post pictures but I need advice on where to find the right screws and or washers You will see(by the 17 jewels engraving) that there is an awkwardly placed groove where the screw should go. please let me know if you have information The model is an Arnex 6498 or any advice would help. Thank you
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