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  1. When you source parts from online for example case movement and hands. can you claim it as being yours? Can you sell the piece on and claim it as your own brand? I’m new to this and don’t know please can you help?
  2. Hello Please can I have your help on deciding on what to do next. I brought a vintage omega quartz (I’ll put images bellow) on eBay which wasn’t working so I thought I’d by it as a challenge. I have some knowledge on watches I’ve changed many battery on lots of watches for people so I thought I’d have a go. It came and the circuit board positive connection was snapped off. I found on eBay a replacement board which fits ok but the original brass omega plates don’t go pack on. I put it in and went to set the time and the crown fell out so I took the board out and put the crown back in when I did it now won’t change the date but it will do day and the time is stiff. I wondered if you could give me a professional view on the situation on what I should do next. I want to keep this movement because of the watches history with it. It needs a rebuild which is obviously out of my depth I think. Thank you
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