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  1. Hi JDM, yes, they are quite expensive, but I first try my luck with social media and the many collectors and freaks out there... like me... I bought a very similar Solunar in very bad shape with no bezel, then Henrik (a Skipper expert) sold me a spare ring, I had it serviced and did the finishing myself! See image how it looks now!! So I will try my luck again... Niko IMG_5511.HEIC
  2. Thanks so much, Heuer could not answer and told me „send in the watch and then we see...“ but service is min. 1300€... sure!
  3. Hi all any help by anyone? Any hint that leads to someone that has a hint to who might have a bezel? Puh.... difficult! thanks to all Niko
  4. Thanks, that would have been easy.... but none on offer... Niko
  5. Hi all I need a bezel and caseback for a Heuer Solunar 279.603. Please also let me know any hints or contacts, I pay 50€ commission in case its successful!!! thanks Niko
  6. Hi all, I was not able to get any help from Movado or any other sites. All help is welcome... Thanks, Niko
  7. Hi all, I am new to this forum and search a part for my watchmaker (who is not on internet). I need a part (8101?) for a cal. 90, see attached images. Any help or hint is welcome!!! Thanks for this space to post! Niko
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