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  1. Thank you very much for all your good advices and help. Im so happy, It seems that I finally managed to poise my first balance wheel. That will call for a toast tonight. I never thought I will be able to go so far with this (on the watch repair field) especially that my hands are not quite steady. My biggest problem is when it comes to adjust the hairspring coils. You really need to have very steady hands otherwise everything can be ruined in a blink of an eye. As for the Levin tool level bubble; I’m still waiting for the high precision level bubbles that I order to arrive. Than I will check the original bubble leveler from the tool against the new one and see if I will have any differences between them. If I found any difference between them I will probably replace the original one with the new one or maybe I will attach the new one one to the tool against the old one. Will see...
  2. I tried the balance wheel again on the poising tool by manually move it in 90 degree increments, as you advise me, and it stays still once I stop it from moving. It will rest on that specific spot. If I gently give it a push again it will run and run and run. It seams that I manage to poise the balance? I also noticed one of the pivots is not quite perfect; it has a very small tiny groove on the end. That probably will affect the quality of the poise too, I asume. What I don’t understand is after I perfectly adjust the poise tool so it will be perfect level on the working table the balance wheel seems to always runs towards the same end every time until it’s fall down. If I pushed it on the opposite direction, it would run quite a long distance but then it will very, very, slowly stop. Any suggestions?
  3. Joe Im really grateful that you are offering to help me out with the screws, however I’m not filling confortable to post my personal address online. As I mentioned before I have already found some screws that are a good match for my balance. Please save those parts maybe to help somebody else. I really appreciate your help and advice. Many thanks and I hope you are not going to be offended in anyway. kind regards Doreen
  4. This is a great idea. I will definitely like to participate on this too.
  5. Thank you very much for all your efforts on finding the screws for me. I did managed to find some screws for my balance; from a old Longines movement. I had to add more weight to it but I managed to solve that problem. Anyway if you really don’t need the screws I will be happy to have them. Please let me know how much do I owe you for that? Many thanks again
  6. Many thanks for your advice. Right now, without being able to check to see if the two jewels are perfect lever between them... my balance wheel after I added a few weights washers and going back and forward many times it seams to stop on different spots now every time. Before that it stopped on the same heavy spot every time. I’m wondering if stops on different spots, is that means the balance is poised now? Also It will take a long time for the balance to stop. If I let it go it will spin down from the poising tool. I will definitely try out your suggestions with the 90 degree increments this afternoon as well. I tried to used a different balance wheel just to compare them and the second one it was bouncing back and forth fort a few time and then it will stop on the same heavy spot side without spinning to much. This one is definitely out of poise.
  7. I’ve purchased some timing washers and a posing tool since I have to add weight to the balance and I need to put the balance in poise too. I've been looking to purchase a used poising tool and I come down to Levin and Bergeon Since Bergeon tools are pretty expensive for my budget I end it up purchasing the Levin poising tool with the bubble leveler incorporate. I know the jewels have to be perfect with no chips and the tool has to be perfect level to the working table. My dilemma is; I believe the two jewels jaws are not quite parallel to each other. One end is slightly more open (the jaws are more open then in the opposite end). I don’t know if this problem will affect negative the exact working purposes (poise)of this tool or not? On my unprofessionally opinion I believe it will. I also ordered a few small leveler bubble since I didn’t have anything that small on hands, just to see if the two jewels are perfect leveler between each other...I’m still waiting for them to arrive so I can check on that.m too. I don’t believe the two jewels jaws can be adjusted between them in case they are not perfect level? Any suggestions about this?
  8. Thank you for getting back with me. I will definitely contact him for this matter. Beautiful watch you have there, it’s a early flieger; I really like it. Mine is very similar with yours; it’s a flieger German watch from WW2 1941-42
  9. I managed to find those timing washers online and I’m wondering base on my balance screws thread measurements (thread diameter 0.30mm; 0.32mm) if those are going to be a good fit in my case? Or perhaps I need something else? https://timesavers.com/i-24049183-timing-washer-144-piece-assortmnet.html Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
  10. Very much appreciated. If you happen to know from were I can order (or perhaps you have some washers weights for the balance as well) please let me know. It seams to me that this balance wheel will need some extra weights too since the hairspring got broken and now is shorter a little bit. For know is running pretty well with the rodico on the balance. Of course this is not a permanent solution.
  11. I will try to see if I manage to find the right screw for this balance. Happy New Year 2020 to all of you.
  12. I measured the tread of the screw...it come out to be 0.31mm
  13. Thank you Roland for your advice. Do you have the website address from the place where you send your watch for repair? What calibers numbers are those eBay scraps movements that you found on eBay? As you probably know to be able to fit the parts with this 51-10 caliber it has to come from a 51 calibers(51-9, 51S, 51-10) ....if they are coming from a different caliber numbers they will not fit the 51 calibers. All I could found on eBay are the 32A calibers(pocket watches) .....they all have a different caliber which is 32A. Those parts are not compatible with 51 series. Have you found any 51calibers on eBay? many thanks
  14. Whit what are you filling the screws hands with? i will measure the tread screws and let you know. I’m also looking for a set bridge I believe the part number is 445/GEN50-10 or it my be under General 51 series 2819 for this caliber. Please see the attached images for your reference. Just in case if you manage to find an old movement... Thank you very much
  15. If you are able to find the right screws and you have some to spare please let me know. Thank you
  16. I would like to thanks again to all of you who posted here and help me out with my learning process. I was able to find one of the missing screws but I still have one missing. I put back the one screws and the reading on the timegrapher was already improving dramatically. The watch was running ok with the face up but on the side (because the other missing wait screw) the balance was out of poise. I was unable to find the same screws on my movements scraps that will fit properly. I do not have any washers weights to add, at least to compensate the other screw weigh . So, for now I added a small piece of rodico putty to balance where the missing screw is. I put the watch again on the timegrapher....impressive improvement readings. The readings are not perfect of course and the watch is out of poise but at least I’m going with this process ahead and not backwards. I mast find the rights screw for this caliber. I’m pretty happy..., I’ve been working very hard with this watch; many assiduous hours going back and forth with this balance and hairspring. At least, I found thanks to all of your help and suggestions, what the problem was on this case. I have this watch from my wife, as a present and I really like to be able to make it run properly. Here are some images after I added the missing screw and rodico on the balance. Face up, face down and on the side.
  17. YOU are totally right...I actually have lost another one. So now I have two screws missing. I never noticed the missing screw. I was paying to much attention to the hairspring and not noticing the missing weights. Thank you for pointing that to my attention. i will go ahead and look for some screws on my scraps movements. Any suggestions how to add some extra weight if I’m not going to find any screws that will fit properly in the holes?
  18. You are quite right. I just rectified that twisting (hairspring entering in the stud) and the hairspring is actually laying down very flat and parallel. I don’t think it is any rubbing between the hairspring and the cock but I will check again about the rubbing. If that is the case I will certainly try to fix it before anything else. I will keep you informed. Thank you for your advice
  19. I strongly believe I did found what the problem is. I believe the hairspring is to short I asume the previous person who work on this movement broke the hairspring or it got broke a few times before. The hairspring got so short that it doesn’t have the proper length anymore and of course it doesn’t work properly. Im wondering what will be the right specifications for this hairspring and where I can find one?
  20. The hairspring along with all movement was cleaned and lubricated properly. Nothing in the movement is sticky anymore. I will have to check again the condition of the hairspring along with the balance and fork pallets. Perhaps is something that I’m missing there.
  21. Thank you for your lift angle list and advices. I do have several lift angle lists with hounds of movements; unfortunately none of them mentioning Helvetia or General Watch.
  22. Hello from Ohio, this is Doreen I recently cleaned and oil an old Helvetia Pilot watch caliber 51-10 (from1940’s) that was used by German pilots in ww2. The problem is that the watch is running way to fast gaining about 3-4 minutes in a few hours. I tried demagnetized it with no success, is still running fast. I checked the main spring to see if for some reason it is the wrong one(to strong) It turns out the mainspring was way to strong for this caliber. After I replace the mainspring with the right one by specifications it is still gaining time but not that much anymore. I will say it is gaining (and this with the time regulator set all the way to minus) 2 -3 minutes on 24 hours. So I can’t adjust (regulate)the time anymore since the regulator is all the way to minus. I did checked the hairspring and everything looks good to my knowledge. This is not quite normal so I put the watch on the timegrapher; shows the watch is running way to fast and I really don’t know we’re I should look for problems anymore! It has a pretty decent amplitude and beat error but the rate is not good. It is true I don’t know the exact lift angle for this caliber so I set the timegrapher to 52 degrees as lift angle. I forgot to mention I’m not a professional watch maker; I’m do this as a hobby at home trying to learn as much as I can by reading books and asking questions. Also I m looking for a stem for this caliber. I believe the part number is Ronda 2309 and for a set bridge part number may be 445/GEN50-10 or it my be under General 51 series 2819 for this caliber. If anyone have a spare please let me know. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  23. Thank you very much...I managed to build one...so far is working great. Regards
  24. I will try to find a material and fabricate a replacement. Do you know from what kind of metal is that spring made of?
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