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  1. For further clarification, Yes, it is exactly where it says “Push”, but also you have to pull out the winding stem to the first position, before there is anything to actually “Push” on. If you look into the space where you have to push, you will see the setting lever move into the correct place to be pushed, when the stem is pulled out to the first position.
  2. So - measurement of the aftermarket replacement shows the problem (or at least the biggest issue). It measure at 0.55mm. So far I have been unable to source a genuine replacement gasket or identify a suitable generic replacement, so a bit of fettling is called for. Sod's law now dictates that I will either find the correct gasket somewhere, of have dozens of suggestions offered... Time for a bit of fettling now. Thankfully (and extremely fortuitously), I had a small paint pot (for retouching clock and watch hands, etc) that magically had a cap diameter very similar to the internal diameter of the gasket. So - on with the gasket and I settled down for half and hour or so of patient sanding with some very fine wet and dry paper. The pictures show the before measurement - during sanding - and finally the after measurement of the gasket thickness. I know this seems like a lot of work for a piddling little gasket, but I really can't find one and it's for my son's watch. Again - I know - it's only a Seiko, but it still holds a bit of sentimental value between us and it would be nice to fix it for him. And at the end of the day - I don't make money out of watch fettling, it's only my hobby - so time spent is really not the issue. Now I just have to wait a day or two for my screw-down case press to arrive, then I'm sure it will refit just fine. Thanks again to all here for your hints and support.
  3. OK - spurred by JDM's (and others) hints, I have had a productive hour or so. Firstly, measurement of the case diameter - the bezel recess - shows 36mm. The bezel ring which fits inside it is 35.25mm. This means the gasket is taking up a minimum radius of 0.375mm. Measurement of the thickness of the original gasket showed it was 0.45mm, a difference of 0.075mm larger. So I'm guessing this is to allow for a bit of compression to ensure a water-resistant and secure fit of the bezel into the case.
  4. You know - I had the same idea myself, and now you have mentioned it as well - it does not sound so daft to me anymore. I'll recalibrate my vernier again and measure the old one on an undamaged section, then compare it to the replacement and form an option. As you suggest, it may be worth trying to take a few thou off the replacement if it measures slightly larger. Good suggestion.
  5. Therein lies the rub... I have looked high and low but having problems finding an original and one removed is already deformed when I took it out. The red Cousins gasket seems to be accurate, dimensions-wise, as measured with my digital vernier. But of course, I could not swear with any certainty if it was exactly the same, or has a 0.05mm variation or not.
  6. Just looking at the gasket profile... (images from Cousins product page.) The gasket does have a chamfer on one edge, this leads me to believe there is only one way it will fit easily. As shown in the first picture, if I fit this into the case this way up the chamfer is facing outwards. If I try to fit the bezel now, the chamfer is not positioned correctly to allow the bezel to centre itself and force the gasket outwards, which I guess is the intention. More likely, the bezel will rest on the flat and "nip" the gasket if any pressure is applied. Similarly, if I flip the gasket, the chamfer now faces the inside-lower case side, which again means the bezel cannot centre itself when trying to press it in. The only way I can logically fit this, is represented by the second picture which is flipped, but instead of fitting into the case, the gasket is instead fitted to the bezel, prior to press fitting. Thereby the chamfer will be correctly located to allow for centering whilst pressing home. I would appreciate a second opinion on this reasoning please...
  7. Ready for assembly... (but pending acquisition of a screw press.)
  8. For those requesting a photo of the arrangement of bezels and gaskets... From left to right, Main Case Metal "shim-thing" (I guess for centering the gasket) bezel sealing gasket bezel (the black-rubber crystal gasket is in place at this time) Just up at top left, is the internal tachymetre ring, which goes in prior to fitting the bezel
  9. PS. Also looking for a recommendation for a screw case press...
  10. I think this may also help, but I agree also that my hand press is not likely up to the job. :-(
  11. I will get some photos up tomorrow when back in the “shop”. But for clarity : there are two gaskets for sure. One for retaining the crystal, and the second which is to retain the bezel in the case. Without any bezel gasket, the bezel will simply fall out. it is a model SND661 Honda F1. You can see the black crystal gasket on the outer of the crystal. But the bezel itself comes off and has its own gasket which provides the water resistant seal with the case. i will post photos of the actual watch under repair tomorrow. But for now, I think JDM has the handle on it. I think I will have to get a proper screw press to fit it as it really needs more pressure than I can safely provide with my lever press.
  12. I have a problem fitting a bezel to a case. the watch is a Seiko and as usual is has a separate bezel which holds the crystal. the crystal is held in place by a crystal gasket and I can get that fitted in place without difficulty. The bezel also uses another plastic gasket to secure it to the case. The original gasket was taken off prior to cleaning. I have used a new(replacement) gasket for the bezel which seems in all respects to be the same as what was removed, but I just cannot seem to get the bezel fitted to the case. I cannot reuse the original gasket as now it seems way too big to fit into the case, without deforming itself Does anyone have any tips? Does one fit the gasket to the bezel first, or fit the gasket into the case first? I have tried both ways without success as yet. It seems like I am exerting an inordinate amount of pressure to the bezel to get it inserted and I am worried about causing damage should I apply even more pressure to get it fitted. I have already removed the new crystal to prevent inadvertently breaking it ( it goes in from the front anyway, so can wait). i have been using a handheld crystal press up until now as I have no alternative. many thanks in advance.
  13. I agree. Having now looked at the process for Hardlex, it seems a lot of work and not by any means, always good results. I think I’ll just take out the old one and measure it to see what replacements I can find. cheers and thanks for the replies. George
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