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  1. Hello everyone! Happy to be part of this forum. I've definitely learned a lot by watching Mark's videos. A bit about me - I started really getting into repairing watches when I inherited a 1923 Elgin 315 pocket watch that had belonged to my great-grandfather. The watch was not working, but in reasonably good shape, and not being especially valuable, I decided I would try to get it running again. After a lot of mista-- er, "learning experiences" on some spare 315 movements, I'm happy to report that I finally got my great-grandfather's watch running! Next step is positional timing, and I've managed to replace the balance staff on another 315. I've also gotten an Elgin grade 10 running again, as well as a few other random watches for friends now that word is out. I'm currently working on a Seiko Lord Matic Special, an 1899 Trenton pocket watch, among other things. Apart from hiding in the basement fiddling with tiny watch bits, a few other fun facts: I live in southern New Jersey, about half an hour outside of Philadelphia (and yes, I am STILL giddy about the Eagles Super Bowl win). I have a wife and two daughters (8 and 6), who all politely nod and smile whenever I start going on about mainspring barrels and whatnot. In my day job, I'm a systems architect for a billing software company, so it's nice to have a more tangible hobby - and sharing my latest watch project is good "engineer cred." I'm looking forward to joining the discussion, getting (and hopefully one day giving) advice, and seeing what else everyone is up to! - Dave
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