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  1. Hi Buf, While I can't say I've ever worked on a Strato personally, one of my recent jobs was servicing a friends HMT. It seemed to be held by a single dial retention screw, the hole was there for the other just no sign of the screw, but removing these did nothing. Took me a while to figure out someone had glued the dial back on at some point . After a bit of gentle levering with some pegwood, I could see the dial was lifting but was pulled back down. I managed to free it using several bits of pegwood worked into the gap from opposite sides. Looking at the picture of the rear of the movement, are the holes at the 1 and 7 o'clock positions for securing screws or are they the dial feet protruding slightly? Does the dial move at all if you apply gentle pressure to them? James
  2. If it works then why not! Whilst a lot gets said about the 'correct way' to do things, experimentation is how the 'correct way' became so regarded. Looking forward to seeing the outcome, I am rather curious now...
  3. Right, from my measurements I get the dimensions as follows; Genuine Inca Shock Spring 470.13 Length = 2.70 mm Width = 1.75 mm Neck (of secured end) = 0.21 mm Locking lugs = 0.40 mm Asian 6498 shock spring Length = 3.05 mm Width = 1.71 mm Neck = 0.36 mm Locking lugs = 0.52 mm Different enough to be a no go. Going through the Incabloc documents on their site leads me to believe nothing genuine comes close. I've got an assortment of Chinese springs on the way from cousins, may have something suitable in there. If not, for £36 it's not like another movement is a massive outlay and I'd have almost another complete movement as spares. I am more and more tempted to bite the bullet though and get a genuine Swiss movement - over 4 times the cost but spares will fit and are readily available. As impressed as I am with the clones particularly for their prices, serviceability reigns - I hate to scrap something over a jellybean part but there you go, our throwaway society is everywhere.
  4. Thanks all, I look forwards to many years of laughter and learning. Less manic laughter from locating UFO's mind, last two days are enough of that...
  5. Perfect, thanks for that! For the cost I may as well get a pack and if not satisfactory I'll have a few more spares so no great loss. I'll attempt to take dimensions off the lower shock tomorrow once i get this pool chlorine out of my eyes and can see better (and find my calipers)! I may follow your suggestion of getting some practice settings to play with - It'd be nice if the genuine blocks would fit but I'm guessing even if the hole in the balance cock was the correct size (or could be reamed to size) then setting/controlling end float would be a nightmare. Tonight's escapade involved the yoke spring - more pegwood restraining skills required thankfully found rather quicker and in one piece...
  6. Loctite? Glue but with more engineering connotations...
  7. Interesting... I too have just had the same thing happen on my Asian 6489! I even found the spring again, after I ran it over with my chair and bent it right out of shape. It then broke on trying to straighten it... Bought a pack of ETA/Unitas upper shock springs to have the same issue, I'm now off to disassemble and check the lower now. Have you tried replacement ETA specified lower springs as I may get a pack of these if so! Thanks, James
  8. Hi All, I'm James and have had a long interest in watches, particularly just looking at the movements in awe at just how small and precise they are. I've done plenty of spare time work in a machine shop with a few mates but had never attempted anything on this (tiny) scale before so thought now is as good a time as any to start tinkering and now I've found myself hooked! I look forward to a long and rewarding hobby that may just go further than that... Thanks, James
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