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  1. Fantastic, I can pick that up today! Again, thanks for your help!
  2. THANK YOU oldhippy, this has been very enlightening! And thank you for sharing that manual!
  3. The watch I've got has an M25 movement (from what i could see in the model #) and the issue is that, in the winding position, the crown will now wind. It will spin in reverse, and i can pull it out to the time setting position and it sets the time no problem. So something is "stuck" inside. Any ideas as to what it could be?
  4. i've got a Seiko Lordmatic 5606-7360 and am looking to replace the crystal. Before doing irreparable damage to my watch, how to i find out if the crystal is glued in or if its pressed in?
  5. So looks like the item is discontinued as suspected. Would you happen to know the thickness of the crystal? Esslinger has a bunch of crystals that will work for the 29mm diameter, i just want to make sure i'm getting the thickness close. Thanks again for your help!
  6. What cleaning solution(s) are best for cleaning parts in an ultrasonic cleaner? I've ordered a cheap cleaner (no heater), is the solution used water mixed with something, or is it an actual cleaning product?
  7. No, i'm very new to the watch servicing side of things. I will just enjoy the watch in its current functioning state until i work up the nerve to service it by practicing on a bunch of junker watches. If the watch has gone without servicing for 44 years, another month of two shouldn't hurt it!
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