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  1. Ok thanks, I'll watch them all. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  2. I had a night away from this puzzle and sharpened my screwdrivers instead, now I'm ready for another go. If only the gear train under the dial turns when setting the hands what is stopping the centre wheel turning? it is connected to the train by the small cannon pinion and must turn in order for the minute hand to adjust. How does the centre wheel disengage from the main power train when adjusting the time?
  3. I don't think that the gear is too tight, there is still some end play on the shaft. So if you push the crown to engage the adjustment train on your movement does the centre wheel turn? if so does the rest of the gear train turn too?
  4. Yes, I'm pushing the winder in to engage the small wheels under the dial. Thanks for the suggestion. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  5. After another rebuild my hands are still not adjusting and I cannot seem to grasp how the power is transmitted from the crown to the centre wheel to turn the minute hand as the centre wheel is part of the power train, connected to the mainspring barrel and the third wheel therefor not free to spin and move the hand. Does the centre wheel somehow disengage from the power train when adjusting the time, letting it turn with the movement of the crown? I have removed the mainspring barrel to eliminate that from locking the centre wheel. I had a good look at the balance pivots, they look sharp and pointed so good news there. Unfortunately the hairspring has suffered from this rebuild and is no longer flat, I'm going to leave this until the rest of the movement is working as I think I'm now just chasing my tail.
  6. Thanks for the reply, my aim is to get the watch running, I don't think at this stage it will ever keep good time or be used for anything other than a practice piece so as long as the balance can turn then that will do for me. I'll move on to a more suitable movement after this one and hopefully develop some finer skills. So if the pinion should be a friction fit, which it is, then something else is wrong for the crown to be jammed. I'll put the centre wheel and pinion back on and leave it on, rebuild the movement again and see if I can work out where it is jamming.
  7. Hi, This is my first watch repair project beyond battery replacement and bracelet adjustment. After buying 2 non running Ingersol Triumph pin pallet lever pocket watches I now realise that they are not the best to start with, however now that I have them in bits I'm going to continue. One watch was really a basket case, the other ran for a few seconds then stopped, I have stripped both, cleaned the good bits and reassembled one watch (several times) I have got it to wind and to run but when I try to adjust the hands the crown is jammed solid. To recap, the crown will wind the watch but not change the hands. This watch doesn't have a conventional cannon pinion, it has a rather flat pinion (see photo). Please excuse my terminology, everything seems to be a pinion. So this little pinion (gear wheel) fits on the shaft (pinion?) of the centre wheel, I suspect that it is too tight, as I understand with a conventional cannon pinion there should be some friction to drive the hand but also enough slippage to allow adjustment of the time. I'm not sure with this watch what sort of fit the pinion should be, and I would like to ask for advise before I remove any material and make it too loose. Best regards, Alan
  8. Hi WRT forum members, I am a newbie to watch repair, based it the UK, I have changed batteries and adjusted bracelets in the past. I am starting out with a modest budget using Amazon tools and eBay movements, as time and ability progress I intend to upgrade to better quality tools. I bought a bag of cheap scrap movements which turned out to be from ladies watches and were tiny, not a great place to start, have dismantled them but there is no way I can rebuild them with my ability as they are so small. Next I have moved on to a vintage pocket watch, a much better size but after a bit of research I now realise that an Ingersoll pin palate watch is not the best first choice of watch as they are fiddly to rebuild. I have managed to rebuild it and get it from a non runner to a working movement (with some problems that I'll save for another post). Future projects include 7S26 movement (non runner) overhaul Elgin or Waltham pocket watch overhaul Build a watch from eBay with full strip down of movement Seiko SKX007 / SKX013 various mods That lot should keep me busy for a few months, I'm off now to practice my tweezer control (ping) Best regards to you all Alan
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