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  1. looks like its coming along nicely, try pressing a little softer or even try going down to a 3 micron paper. best of luck
  2. Hello All, This is my first post so I thought I would show a little finishing technique I learnt a while back. It basically turns the ratchet or crown wheel into a matte/ frosted finish. It was popular back in the day with some high end companies and still looks good in my opinion. I'll run through how it's done and try answer your questions as best as possible. What you need: 1. glass plate 2. Micron paper in various grits. 20 and 12 will do. 3. Tetrabor 800 grit/ mesh 4. Ultrasonic or cleaning machine 5. rodico First thing first, you have to flatten your ratchet wheel. To do this I use some lapping paper on glass. I start on a 20 micron and rub the ratchet wheel with my finger in a figure 8 pattern or circular or however I feel. (we arent trying to achieve black polishing flatness) If you are worried you can set up a jig to hold the ratchet wheel. but I often find using your finger will suffice. Once happy, move onto a 12 or 9 micron and do the same. At this point it is imperative to clean the wheel so that you remove all the grit from the paper that may be stuck between the teeth. So chuck it in an ultrasonic or your cleaning machine. Next place some tetrabor onto your plate, no need to add oil or water. place wheel onto plate and start rubbing it in. Generally it doesn't take to long no longer than a min or so. Doesn't hurt to check the piece to see how the finish is developing. if you want to check you can dab it with rodico, very carefully to remove the tetrabor. Do NOT wipe with a tissue or anything, this finish scratches so easy its crazy!! you can always chuck it through the ultrasonic (carefully) to see how the pattern is going. Its the checking and chasing that one last scratch which takes up the most time. The slightest bit of dust or dirt on the glass plate will scratch the wheel. You can always blue the wheel after, it comes out with an interesting tone when blued with this finish. This technique is fairly hard and does take some time to get good at, because it's just so easy to scratch and because of this scratches stand out against the matte surface. I'll try answer questions as best as possible. I try and post interesting stuff on Instagram regularly at least 3 to 4 times a week. obr_horology is my account on insta. its just time consuming to post (slow at typing) I plan on doing a youtube video in the coming weeks to better explain it. I learnt this from Henrick Korpela. Check him out if you haven't heard of him. He also writes in the AWCI and gives away a lot of info. Thanks O
  3. Thanks for the share guys. Really informative. Keen to give this a go
  4. Hello, Sounds silly but try Gumtree mate. Also search your local auction houses occasionally something comes up. Also look at joining the WCA or the perth one which hold auctions once a year where you can get good buys! Best of luck O
  5. I think ebay is your best bet. Unfortunately most of the case all look the same. If you have a linisher and polishing machine you can significantly change the look to make something unique. Best of luck O
  6. Hello, A good place to start can be youtube. Search building a watch or assembly and disassembly. A good movement to start with is the eta 6497/8 or the chinese clone (which is a lot cheaper). It also depends how in depth you want to go. Do you want to just assemble the case, dial, hands. Or do you want to do a full movement deconstruction? Also some basic tools would come in handy. Good luck O
  7. Just a watchmaker from Australia looking to join the community, happy to help where ever possible. Looking at sharing some information on polishing and finishing and would love any advice about youtube.
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