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  1. Replacing the part with a genuine one fixed immediately any issue!! I'm, so happy now. Thank you all for the suggestions! Ascanio
  2. As an update, I stripped down the keyless movement, cleaned and oiled, but the problem it is still present. I found here locally in Italy a sealed original part 550-1110 at a very reasonable price (compared to the Cousins list price). I should receive the part in a few days and I will try fitting that... let's hope well. The generic part, seeing the original part pictured by the very convenient pictures of HSL, is way different and I hope it is responsible of the raising during position switch. Thank You!
  3. Thank you for both answers, HSL and Klassiker! This evening I will try/check and report if I make any progress
  4. Uhm, I did purchase Cousins part number OME5501110G at £9 where G stands for generic... original part OME5501110 is priced £54. So pretty much that is the reason... you think... yes?
  5. Hi! I need help on this annoying issue. I purchased a 601 movement, it came with broken part 550-1110 which is part of the stem lock mechanism. I ordered the replacement part from Cousins - it came in a different color/material as you can see in picture. I refitted it but when pulling the crown in 2nd position it raises up causing the stem not to be retained in position and pull out. I thought the dial would force it to stay put in place, but no: I did fit and unfit the dial many times now. Pulling the crown in 2nd position causes this new part to raise up and I have to remove the dial to fix it. Any suggestion? See attached two pictures, one (with arrow) showing the problem, the second just after placing the 550-1110 part in proper retention position. Thank you! Ascanio .
  6. Thank you aac58! I’ll be posting there! All the best Ascanio Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. Thank you for your answer, jdm. Actually I live in Italy but the watch happens to be in BA from relatives. Before considering shipping the watch around the World, I would not surrender to the idea that there are no good watchmakers in an amazing place like Buenos Aires. I'll keep looking/asking around for a while. Thanks!
  8. Hello folks! I came across this Omega watch belonging to family relatives, supposedly dated around 1930 based on who owned it. It appears original to me. This watch is currently in Buenos Aires and I would like to have it professionally taken care of, to repair and delivering to it a well deserved service. I am seeking for advise for a trustworthy and friendly watchmaker in Buenos Aires who would be happy to take this job. I have zero experience on watchmakers Argentina so I relay on your help Sure we need to refit a new crown, possibly salvage the seconds hand, maybe glass replacement, plus service, mainspring and hopefully nothing more. Thank you! see two pictures below. Ascanio
  9. Very comprehensive! Glad I did not fell in the trap, also price offer was suspiciously low, as well as shape totally off. Now I have *solid* information to choose a proper one, once I will set aside the budget for such historical timepiece. Thanks FLwatchguy73! -Ascanio
  10. I am been offered a GG-W-113 watch with an unexpected "smooth shape" and polygon screw back, with all usual inscriptions, which it is totally different than the very typical and well known shape we all know about these mil spec watches. I could not track anything online about this smooth case, but some few exceptional sale site like this link: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1969-hamilton-military-vietnam-war-23458930 Does anybody have some information about this smooth cases mil spec watches, or are them fakes? Thank you! Ascanio
  11. Yes I see that, thanks for sharing the professional perspective. In fact the movement is a tiny Aurore-Villeret 9 not worth one day of professional work...
  12. I asked if he would take to work to make one movement working out of the three, and I was willing to pay for the work, I expected to get an approximate quote for the job, that's it... any extra would have been welcome. He did not like to get the movements on parts - which I may understand. That's it. His choice. I will manage to have it working in one way or another. Still looking for another friendly watchmaker.
  13. I do understand, especially during these hard times and due to how much skill and patience it takes to master this art. Protectionism is the right word. This is why I don't judge nor feel offended by the guy that mistreated me this morning: After all I appeared out of the blue in his shop with the corpses of three movements asking help to make one out of the three... He could have made an act of faith and hope to make a friend, but clearly the protectionism part took field. I may have acted in same way in his feets, even if I did put lot of energy in not appearing disrespectful in any way. Still he sent away a potential recurring customer and admirer...
  14. Is such thing existing? I mean, a Watchmaker which does not consider the ultimate insult a humble hobbyist daring asking for help or advise? I am sure nobody likes working on the mess eventually created by others unskilled persons and the tendency is to think there is no consideration of the craftsmanship and training required to do the job properly, but on the other side who more than a dedicated hobbyist which did approach the art with humility and is going the basic learning curve can appreciate the ability of a skilled watchmaker, like a god on Earth? Sure nobody has time to waste and time is money, but with all considered there should still be possibility of dialog with willingness to pay for a service or consult. If Friendly Watchmakers are still on this planet, it would make sense to give them some visibility in the forum (which by the way also it is not easy to find a friendly forum on this topic... being here among friendly readers is such a big relief!) I would be looking for a jewel to be refit (i broke it!) and a tiny movement to be made to work out of two other spares (i gave up). Looking for a friendly watchmaker in Florence or Torino or other places in North Italy Thanks! Ascanio
  15. Hi All advises have been very valuable, as well as Nichod one, simple but effective loaded onf first hand experience. Still after many months of wait and try I am creating more damages than progresses on these tiny movements. Eventually I was not able to mount back the wheel train and escapement, I broke one jewel and tried replacing the train holder with another part from donor movements, still no success on placing the escapement wheel at the end (maybe has a shorter/broken pivot?). Big frustration. Finally I decide today to give up. Still it is important for me to have one working movements out of three. Is anyone willing to help me on the task? I can pay for the work, I don't know any professional watchmaker good enough to pass this work to. It would be simpler if the help would come from Europe for the sake of delivery back and forth. See attached the current "status" of the project... one sick Aurore-Villeret 9 and two donors Bulova 5AP. The assembled bottom one is an almost complete B 5AP but not oscillating and needs cleaning. Also winding mechanism is a bit flaky maybe just needs cleaning and oiling. Not sure though. My original AP9 is top right one which was cleaned and I replaced the train wheel holding element as I did break a jewel on the original holder while fitting it on the train wheel. Possibly the new holder has more space for the escapement wheel and so is not compatible... I don't know as I could not fit the escapement wheel back. Top left is clearly a donor in an advance state of decomposition. I appreciate any help. Thank you. Ascanio
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