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  1. Every repair or bat. replacement on a water resistant watch will be tested dry on my ACL2000. If there is a leakage I remove movement and test the case without movement wet to determine the location of the leakage. Mostly a filthy crown package is the guilty suspect.
  2. Seiko's 7S26 do not have high amplitudes. The 225 was perfect......sorry m8. But might be some licht on the end of the tunnel. Stud is not glued so you should be able to put it back.
  3. And regarding these 7S26 7S36.... Once and a while the balance spring jumps during shipping under the regulator pin creating a horror picture on your timegrapher. Just putting it back solves it in 99 of the 100 times in a brand new Seiko.
  4. Follow your advise and ordered some. Nice quality. Absolute worth the money. Thx !!
  5. Update: case still closed..... Horotect is ordered.
  6. I assume you mean etachron? This is not an etachron balance. By the way adjusting the distance of the regulator pin (same effect as turning an etachron) will primary influence the positional and regulating behavior....
  7. If possible never glue on the front always on the back site of the dail
  8. Did you check if the balance hairspring was nice flat? Looking at your timing machine it might tough "the little triangle" which closes the opening of the regulator pin (to prevent the hairspring jumping out).
  9. Thanks for the info but I think I'm going to invest in the Horotec bezel / case back removal tool.
  10. Thx! I already tried this but now I know there is no other option.
  11. No, I'm not but have seen the question and all the answers....without a solution. That's why I dropped the question ... looks like a typical problem for this type. This is the first time In run into a watch I cant open. Regarding the fact this is a customers watch I want to keep it undamaged. Hammers and more brute-force are not the solution I think.
  12. 65 C will impossible damage the electronics. By the way..as I mentioned before this is not a walk in the park snap back ...
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