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  1. After the original removal with the claw tool, the crystal I removed was a tight press fit by hand and popped out again with gentle pressure from inside, so I think your idea of the extra 0.1 mm oversize should make it a good fit once in place. I'll post back again once I have the crystal in hand and fitted into the case.
  2. Thanks @WatchMaker that makes perfect sense, as someone new to this it is just so confusing with the range of different crystals available. I have ordered the Crystal ( 30.7mm ) you suggested along with a few other bits I need.
  3. Thanks @jdm its easier if you know the correct name / term, that helps a lot.
  4. I have narrowed down the glass for my Roamer Vanguard to the 311802 on roamers chart shown below as X7311 but am having trouble selecting the correct replacement from the many different ones on the cousins site, can any one point me in the right direction please as there isnt a cross reference for this number I can find. The current glass has a silver coloured metal ring fitted inside and has the following dimensions OD = 30.60 mm ID = 27.95 Height 4.34 mm Thickness = 1.22 - 1.26 mm varies over the surface of the glass, the middle being the thinnest
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions, just to bring this up to date ...... The movement is fitted into a mounting ring fitted from the back and on this particular watch the stem and crown are all in one piece. After much cleaning with wood and plastic scrapers and a bit of pressure I managed to remove the mounting ring and the movement from the case. I took photo's at every point of the strip down so hopefully it will go back together in a logical sequence and all the parts are seperated into small groups to aid in reassembly, now to start cleaning all the black stuff out of the components
  6. I am making note of all the suggestions, Thanks everyone. Yes it is a snap on back, and it's tight to remove and refit ( back won't go on without a press ) Now before I start removing the glass, it has been suggested that the movement is fitted into a mounting ring. Can anyone clarify as to whether or not there is a mounting ring or not before I try to remove the glass from the front as if it has a mounting ring then I would expect the movement and glass to come out from the back. I have looked and cannot see a joint line from the rear so was expecting this to be a front l
  7. Thanks everyone for the help so far. Whilst I'm waiting for the tool to remove the crystal, and guessing the black stuff is some sort of sealer, should there be an 'O' ring fitted in the groove in the case to seal the back ? If there should be a seal how are they sized and where can I get one ?
  8. Thanks @oldhippy I had a feeling that was going to be the case but wanted to be sure before I go breaking things, I will order up a tool for removing the Glass then proceed as you have advised. I did remove the stem & case screws but replaced them as there were no signs of the movement coming free, and I was wary of damaging anything.
  9. Hi All Not sure how to proceed with this as I've always been able to remove the movement from the back before. I have a Roamer Vanguard 303 with a removable back that I need to strip down to clean out some dried black gunk, however the movement appears to be held into the case with screws from the rear. Am I missing something ? or do I need a claw tool to remove the glass to be able to remove the movement ? Roamer Vanguard 303 All stainless steel Model 802 - 5120.303 Case number inside back 311802 Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. De in this context from my understanding of schoolboy french is "from / of" Pierrepont And this is basically an address ............ Pierrepont, Neufchatel = town & area Seine-infriure = lower Seine Haute - Normandie = Upper Normandy I stand to be corrected on any of this by someone who actually knows the language, I didn't pay much attention in french classes
  11. Now that I like, and the bracelet style too.
  12. You could also keep an eye open on Ebay as the original 6m12-3 movements still pop up New now and again, I picked one up as a spare last week. Which would save the problem with the mounting ring unless you want to mod it anyway.
  13. Only the gear train on the face of the movement turns when setting the hands.
  14. First Pic is the gear train to drive the minute hand, the second is the hour hand gear laid on the front of the movement. I wonder if the gear is pressed down too tight on the shaft and is gripping the front plate ?
  15. Stupid question, but, are you pushing down on the winder shaft to engage the gear on the face and disengage the winder mechanism for the mainspring as this is held in " winder mode " by the spring under the winder shaft ? I'm still working on a couple of these movements myself so I'm interested in what the issue turns out to be.
  16. Very nice watch indeed, and great it was a garage find
  17. Thanks for the welcome gents, sorry it took so long to respond but there were no notifications, perhaps this forum doesn't do them.
  18. Hi I'm Nigel and I'm based in Ireland, I have been looking forward to having the time to indulge my interest in mechanical watches, I am a complete newbie to all of this and have a long learning curve to follow, I have a few older watches that I've owned for some time nothing expensive but ones that have sentimental value to me, a Roamer San Marino from around 1976 and a Rotary from around the mid 80's. My main interest lies in the cleaning service and repair of watches but I suspect that, I may end up looking at pocket watches for the larger size of the movements, but we will see h
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