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  1. Now that I like, and the bracelet style too.
  2. You could also keep an eye open on Ebay as the original 6m12-3 movements still pop up New now and again, I picked one up as a spare last week. Which would save the problem with the mounting ring unless you want to mod it anyway.
  3. Only the gear train on the face of the movement turns when setting the hands.
  4. First Pic is the gear train to drive the minute hand, the second is the hour hand gear laid on the front of the movement. I wonder if the gear is pressed down too tight on the shaft and is gripping the front plate ?
  5. Stupid question, but, are you pushing down on the winder shaft to engage the gear on the face and disengage the winder mechanism for the mainspring as this is held in " winder mode " by the spring under the winder shaft ? I'm still working on a couple of these movements myself so I'm interested in what the issue turns out to be.
  6. Very nice watch indeed, and great it was a garage find
  7. Thanks for the welcome gents, sorry it took so long to respond but there were no notifications, perhaps this forum doesn't do them.
  8. Hi I'm Nigel and I'm based in Ireland, I have been looking forward to having the time to indulge my interest in mechanical watches, I am a complete newbie to all of this and have a long learning curve to follow, I have a few older watches that I've owned for some time nothing expensive but ones that have sentimental value to me, a Roamer San Marino from around 1976 and a Rotary from around the mid 80's. My main interest lies in the cleaning service and repair of watches but I suspect that, I may end up looking at pocket watches for the larger size of the movements, but we will see how it goes.
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