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  1. I have taken a couple of pictures showing the clutch on top of the barrel; does it look ok or can you spot anything ify?
  2. Thanks for your reply Marc. Your blog is impressive. The click is definitely engaged with the ratchet wheel teeth. Very frustrating, i bet its staring me in the face. I will have another look at it.
  3. Working on a Poljot 2415 and have had various problems but help from WRT has enabled progress to be made. My latest problem is that the barrel bridge will not seat flat onto the main plate. When i remove the barrel and coupling clutch it seats fine, it also seats fine with only the barrel fitted. Its when both barrel and clutch are fitted that the bridge rocks and will not sit flat. I have had to source replacement barrel and clutch because the barrel 'pinged' away when i tried removing the mainspring and the clutch was in bits inside the watch. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Bought a pack of mixed jewels and found a cap jewel that fitted; a bit tricky to fit but got there in the end. Thanks
  5. Thanks ftwizard, i have seen jewels for sale in packets containing anywhere from 100 to 1000. I'll give it a go. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks ftwizard; i'm a little concerned about trial and error due to my inexperience, is it possible to cause damage if the wrong size cap jewel is used? Thanks also to rogart63; what is the protocol for members supplying parts to other members. I'm new to forums so apologies for replying to two members at the same time; if there is a set way of doing things on forums? i'm open to advice.
  7. Can anybody help. I'm a novice to watch repairs therefore my experience is limited. I have taken apart my fathers old Poljot 2415 automatic watch (bought around 1969/1970) and has been in my drawer since my father died in 2011, it did not run so i thought 'a nice little project for me, but i think another novice has been at it in years gone by. I say that because i found a strange component just 'floating' around within the mechanism which i eventually tracked down as being one of the drive dogs from inside the coupling clutch which i took apart and found 3 drive dogs inside the mechanism instead of four. Problem of what the 'floating' part was now solved. As i continued with the strip down i was confused which is where i now need help; the balance cock has a jewel in a brass/bronze holder (chaton?), an end stone or cap jewel (are these terms interchangeable?) and the retaining spring making up what i believe is the shock protection device, so far so good,but in the main plate the shock protection device is the same set up but there is no cap jewel. My question is, should there be a cap jewel? and if so,how and where would i get hold of one and what dimensions? can i assume it would be the same as the balance cock cap jewel? The photo shows the spring, cap jewel and jewel in brass holder. Any advice/help at this stage would be appreciated. I'm sure i will need more help as the project moves on. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello to all. My name is Myroslaw (most people call me Myron, but either is fine) I'm sort of new to the world of horology, i say sort of, because four years ago i decided to have a go at repairing my old Seiko automatic 6309 which i got for my 18th birthday in 1980 which stopped working on my honeymoon in 1991 and it lay in a drawer up until four years ago. With help from various internet sites, including Mark's YouTube content, i got the watch working and have worn it every day since. I have an engineering background and i have always undertaken various repairs of all sorts of things including cars, washing machines, cycles, central heating systems etc etc. I have to say that watch repairing was a massive culture shock because the scale is not what i have ever come across and that is what i find most fascinating. I'm looking forward to being a member of WRT. Myroslaw (Myron)
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