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  1. Hi Jguitron, Lansky is known for its easy sharpening system, it’s not challenging at all to sharpen either a screwdriver bit or knife with this kit and I can reproduce the results consistently, you can see the video that I post, I can view the video via the phone, just need to wait, or view it on a PC. The screwdrivers that I fixed today are 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 mm, all come out beautifully, but I need to say, using the Lansky kit are more fiddly, you need to take out the bit from the handle, fix it on the Lansky jig and sharpen it, versus a screwdriver sharpening kit(sharpening stone and screwdriver roller), but the Lansky kit comes with a lot of different stones of your choice and you can sharpen your knife with it. For my use, because I’m just a hobbies, I don't need to sharpen my screwdriver that often, so the Lansky works great for me, if this hobby become more serious, means need to sharpen them every day, I might buy a professional screwdriver sharpening set, with a lot of different stones. Darak
  2. Hi Jguitron, Sure, here you go, I didn't sharpen like a knife, the tip will be too fragile. Darak
  3. Dear All, My nice Bergeon screwdriver set was chipped after few watch services, was looking for a sharpening kit to repair them, but I soon realized I own a Lansky knife sharpening kit, so I pop the screwdriver blade out and give it a try, the results are very promising, see the photos, it's easy to use and versatile, comes with different stones, if I like, I can even use the ceramic stone to give it a high polish, and I can always use it to sharpen my folding knives, what do you think? Love to hear them. Darak 16A49BD8-DF55-4F10-BB5D-983DE0C1380C.MOV
  4. Hi Khan, Good point, how can I forgot this very important tool, yes, a Bergeon spring bar tool, this is the first nice tool I got from Bergeon, this is the most used tool so far, I got the 6767-F model, I think it just has a different handle, I glad I got this one, recommended by TGV from the Urben Gentry too, the Bergeon one is pure quality as usual, the fork tip is nicely made, and the posh pin tip has a concaved canter, you can't imagine what the different that concaved canter do, it grips the spring bar nicely, I can use it every time with full confidence it will not slip and scratched the case or lug. On the other hand, a nice case opening tool is not that useful for me, I don't buy watches with no screw down case back, I just use the one from my cheap watch kit. https://www.esslinger.com/bergeon-6767-f-watch-band-tool-swiss-spring-bar-tool/
  5. Hi ajdo, Oh, that's maybe why I go for the other one. Darak
  6. Hi ajdo, Here you go. https://www.esslinger.com/search.php?search_query=dumont&section=product
  7. Hi ajdo, Yes, I also have very good experience with Esslinger, spent almost $1,000 on them, usually they have a good price, but still, look around if you can. Darak
  8. Hi ajdo, A quality screwdriver set and quality tweezers, I regretted not getting them from the beginning, I broke some parts with cheap screwdriver set, what I got is: Bergeon 30081-A10 Stainless Steel Screwdriver Set with Case Ideal-Tek Swiss Made Stainless Steel Tweezers Tip Style:#1 Ideal-Tek Swiss Made Stainless Steel Tweezers Tip Style:#5 Ideal-Tek Swiss Made Stainless Steel Tweezers Tip Style:#7 Peer Swiss Made Brass Tweezer AM Style These are the tools you will use the most, it's worth it to get quality tools. Darak
  9. Hi Jdm, Thanks for the tip, I'll contact the MODs to take this one down. Darak
  10. Hi Jdm, Yes, I'm also following that post, thanks. Darak
  11. Hi, Few things worth mentioning is I live in WA, USA, I did watch Mark's video "How to clean watch parts and what solutions to use. Watch repair tutorials.", that's the most detailed video I had seen so far, but this video is made back in 2013 and some products are hard to get. Darak
  12. Hi, Question about watch cleaning and rinsing solutions, just got an old L&R watch part cleaning machine on eBay, nothing fancy(see photo), the photo is from the seller, didn’t have it on hand yet, I think I’m not using it a lot, because I'm only working on my own watches, but I would like to have the best results possible, like to work on some new Seiko movements, a old Russian Slava movement and more watches to come, need some recommendations for what products to use and where to get them with reasonable price. If you have any tips, feel free to share too, there really not a lot of material out there on this topic, I mean what products to use, what different between products, what part do not put through the machine, I know plastic parts do not put through the machine so far. Thanks a lot for your time. Darak
  13. Hi All, Fixing my watch using the dust tray today, love it. Darak
  14. Hi Deggsie, Thanks for your kind reply, I'm very jealous that you have someone can learn from, I'm learning by watching YouTube videos or community like here, but still, I think I learn a lot good tips so far. Darak
  15. Hi Tritto, Very interesting for sure, but able to do that, I need to have a movement to measure the dimensions, now I only have Seiko 7S36 & 6R15, also 3D printing if you are not using an SLA system, will have low resolution, so something like dial pin will dot have a good result and it will break easy. Darak
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