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  1. Hi AndyHull, That's a very interesting point, while I'm still learning about the basic stuff, I'll keep an eye out for affordable timepieces to buy and try to work on it, thanks for the tip. Darak
  2. Hi Jdm, Thanks for the reply, I agree with you on developing dexterity, correct techniques and confidence on a more affordable piece, I'm still a long way from that, also building up my tools on the way, I do enjoy that, it's an expensive hobby for sure, but it's very very rewarding, and thanks for the encouragement, I'm not working on my nice Seiko SARX055 just yet, only regulate it, but I took apart my Seiko 5 for sure, and I'll continue work on it to build more confidence. Darak
  3. Hi Deggsie, Thanks for the long reply, a lot of information, I do appreciate that, I have some Rodico and an old ultrasonic cleaner, I don't have the cleaning solution yet, so I think I'll just use Rodico to clean the balance stones, and I also have 9010 and Bergeon oiler, so I can oil the stones, it will be a new achievement for me, never done this before, looking forward to that. And yes, I always measure in six positions, and every time I change positions, I'll take it off and move the watch around, but this makes me think, some watchmaker uses auto timegrapher, means the timegrapher will move between positions by itself, does this means take the watch off and move it around is not necessary? "Don’t waste time trying to learn on cheap movements", I heard you, but I'm very new to this watchmaking hobby, even I can do very very tiny electronic SMD hand soldering, it doesn't mean I want to risk myself or a friend expensive timepiece, still need to train my dexterity ,new techniques and confidence, and I just got a visit from the screw-up fairy a few days ago, by using the wrong screwdriver on the wrong job, just got a new set of Bergeon after that, hope it won't happen again. Darak
  4. Hi Jdm, Nice to see you here, that's very interesting, and I can see why, to able to change the battery/capacitor, the charging voltage needs to be higher than the capacitor voltage, a constant rotation will not provide a high voltage spike, I don't think Seiko had built in a step-up voltage circuit in this tiny watch PCB, I might be wrong, but this Kinetic technology was built decades ago, if I remember correctly, the micropower harvesting technology is still a very new thing made by Texas Instruments. Darak
  5. Hi Watchweasol, Thanks for the tip, yes I do use the silver impregnated epoxy fixing tiny PCB boards before, I’m a electronic engineer, but I brake not one but 3 to 5 wires, it might work, considering this coil might have 2000 wind of coils and I short out 5 of them, I’ll try that if I can’t get the part in a reasonable price. Darak
  6. Hi Pip, Yes, I realized after I break this part, it's not worth it to save money not using the right tool for the right job and brake parts that might cost more than the tool, some time the part might not be available for purchase anymore, I was on the edge of buying a set of Bergeon 30081 last week, bought it yesterday. Darak
  7. Hi Rogart63, I send you a message, please check it out, thanks. Darak
  8. Hi Pip, Yes, I agreed totally, I think I need a good set of a screwdriver, or I'll just keep on breaking stuff, the screwdriver I was using has a big and long handle and tiny a tiny tip, you can see in the photo on the top, really not ideal for this type of jobs. Darak
  9. Hi Rogart63, Do you have some spare part watches? that's awesome, I also look on eBay for cheap 5M63 watches to just get the parts, but I worry to get a watch with not working parts. Darak
  10. Hi Khronos, This is very interesting, I made a search and saw people using a toothbrush charger to charge Kinetic watch, anyway, I'll look into it, but I need to fix the watch first, thanks for the tip. Darak
  11. Hi rogart63, Thanks for the reply, I saw the eBay one too, soo expensive, and 4002514 is the generating coil block, I brock the 400516 coil block. Darak
  12. Hi Deggsie, I didn't lubricate my lower balance jewels, I just took it apart and put it back, I don't have a watch part cleaning machine or any oiler tools yet, and thanks for your tips, that's very helpful. Darak
  13. Hi all, Got a new old stock Seiko Kinetic SMY111 few days ago, it was made in 2015, running a 5M63 movement, feel like the watch is not holding charge, put it on a home made winder for two days(see video), before it was put on to the winder it had 1/3 of charge, after two days on the winder, the charge stay the same at 1/3, so it’s not holding charge for sure. But before I go ahead and order the battery, I like to know if the 4146518 generating rotor is still good and it is(see photo), I remember Mark fixed a Kinetic watch on YouTube before, the battery is not holding charge as well and the generating rotor is bad. Assembled the watch back, I slipped and hit the 4002516 coil block with the screwdriver(see photo), I’m using a cheap and big screwdriver from a watch kit, using my Fluke DMM, I determined the coil block is dead, you can also see I measure the 4002514 generating coil block, it's still good(see photo). Question, I need to buy the 4002516 coil block and a set of affordable but nice quality screwdrivers set, where can I get these? any recommendations? Thanks for your time. CA1D1ED7-9651-4BA2-8543-F312DE1871A5.MP4 D9369AA5-7C09-41A1-A546-E925A15F5399.MOV
  14. Jdm, Thanks for the reply, yes, it's running a bit slow now, need to adjust that soon, if your statement is true, I think some deviations are acceptable, normally my watches are facing dial-up position during the night, because they are in a watch box, so I guess I’ll put more weight in the dial-up position in my next watch regulations. Darak
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