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  1. So just to quickly update this conversation with my own experience to date. I got the wireless connecting microscope I mentioned above, and... It'll make a neat toy for the grandkids. The picture is pretty bad, with a lot of edge chromatic aberration due to the plastic optics. And the small options for setting the device resolution mean that the picture is out of whack on an iDevice, due to them not having standard HD resolutions. Obviously you get what you pay for - and this is essentially a toy. I'm inclined to just practice more with and get used to wearing a headband magnifier (I wear glasses, so need something that caters for them). Can anyone recommend a good model of the headband variety? Again I went for the cheapo option when I bought one, and it's both uncomfortable and quite flimsy (the hinged lens holder has a habit of swinging loose at critical moments...)
  2. jdm, the unfortunate thing in this case is that I went ahead with the levers, broke the second hand pinion, and then a little later found the presto tool that I'd bought a couple of weeks ago and had completely forgotten I now owned. Which points to another thing I really must do - get my tools properly organised!
  3. BTW, I'm determined currently to stay at the "totally incompetent" stage for a good long while, having so far scored 2 for 2 on pulling off the second hand pinion while removing the hands from a movement. Mark makes it look so easy, removing all three at the same time. I then read elsewhere (after my second mishap), "always remove the second hand first, and then the minute and hour hands". Yes, I'll give that a try next time...
  4. Having looked at the advice and solutions here, I'm going to try a slightly different approach and see how it goes. I didn't really want to spend money on a small screen when I have big screen phones and iPads around the place - so I've ordered this wi-fi zoom microscope from Ebay to hook up to my iPad. It's 1080p too, because I noticed that most of the integrated camera/screen combos were low resolution. When it arrives I'll report back on whether I get it set up so it's a useful tool. If it isn't, at least it'll be something for the grandchildren to play with!
  5. Hi and thanks for the welcome. tritto, it's always nice to hear from people living in far-flung parts of the world who know the Island. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself so far, and hopefully my knowledge and ability will build little by little as I aim to reach the "not totally incompetent" level of tinkering.
  6. Ahh... Yes, now I see what you mean! Thanks very much for taking the trouble to explain that eezy, and for the link too. That's great - I'll get one of those ordered and give it a try. You really can't have too many incoming packages from Ebay in this hobby...
  7. Are you referring to something like this eezy? Cordless Digital Microscope This looks like it might be a useful solution for me, but I can't work out what you mean about spinning the scope 180 degrees. Could you describe this further, or post a pic of your setup? I currently use a cheap flexible magnifier with led lighting built in, which works okay - but I could do with more magnification and a solution with a screen seems a good way to go.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a mid-fifties chap from the Isle of Wight, and I finally got round to getting a bit of a watch hobby (oh okay, obsession) going quite recently. As a result, I've been buying movements and inexpensive automatic watches, with a view to collecting and modding/servicing them myself. I am just at the very beginning of getting a feel for working on such a small scale. I really enjoy watching and listening to Mark's videos, and pretty much all I know about the workings of watches so far has been informed by his tutorials. Today I accidentally amused my granddaughter by replacing the hands on a movement so that the hours and minutes didn't work at all; she christened it "Popsie's Nonsense Watch"... I look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge on forums such as this one.
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