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  1. Photographs are of an old Timex Automatic given to me back in the early Eighties. A sad story of friendship betrayed (sob, sob). I was persuaded to accept this watch from a friend in surety for a loan of £500 on his unsupported word that it was gold and worth over £1,000. Three weeks after he disappeared without trace leaving me and three other friends out of pocket to a total of £5,000, I discovered that the wach had been MAYBE a wee bit oversold and was worth nowt like the money he was talking of. A fact of which he was obviously aware. My first thought was to chuck the watch into the river but I have always been a fan of Timex watches so started wearing it. It worked for a Month then stoppd for no apparent reason and wouldn't be revived. So it's been in a draw for the last 35 years and I want to resurrect it. So, can anyone give me the name of a reliable watch repairer in the UK who could do a repair on the watch or fit a new movement if such a thing is possible. Photographs as attached, Watch details which I've taken from the serial number on the bottom of the dial show the following (I hope) :- Serial Number on bottom of dial - 3422910879 Model - 34229 Movement - 108 Year - 1979 At the moment, the winder will adjust the time but not the Date. The second hand ticks for a while, but stops after a while. Thanks
  2. Hi there. Geoff Thomas from Swansea, UK. My first watch was a Timex Automatic given to me by my Father many years ago. I'm not a collector as such, but love the old vintage Timex watches. I have a few models with which I need help and shall be posting new threads about those as tey have different problems. So, Hello all. Geoff
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