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  1. This is an interesting and "Helpful" thread and I thank you as I am shopping for tools. From this thread I have gathered that I should get Dumont #2 and #5 in brass. For S.S. I could go then with #3 and another #5. Advice would be greatly appreciated as well. I too am amazed at Mark's video's and how steady his hands are, his knowledge and techniques, awestruck best clarify's this. I have been doing some practice on junk watches, and finding that other than my unsteady hands, I have issues with tweezers and parts "popping" out and sailing away. The tweezers I am using are not the best and have not been shaped yet for watch work. I also am wondering if I am squeezing too hard on them. I have made a small bench to work with, making it so that I would have good posture from the height and plenty of light. Probably my Irish luck so all suggestions and thoughts on the things that make a good technique will be very much appreciated. Limited budget so I am keeping this to 4 tweezers to start with. Have a wonderful day folks and blessings Tim
  2. WOW! Thank you for the warm welcome here! As I am packing for this move, and a few moments to catch a few posts here, I am doing a lot of thinking/planning things to make a proper yet portable bench. I have to wait until all the tools arrive before determining the area or size of the bench. I have been reading the thread with Andy Hull, and he has a great idea in nabbing eBay stuff to destroy or repair, I may steal his method! I remembered I had an old pocket watch, I think from around the late 70's or 80's, A Geneva 17 jewel that died shortly after getting it. It could be my first project to learn a bit on. I will dig it out as I am packing up, and appropriate it to the watch bench. I hope to post my project/s in the project section. That way I can hope for suggestions as I go along. Back to packing!! and again! Thank you for the warm welcome! Tim
  3. My name is Tim, although officially Harlan Timothy, so please feel free to call me Tim. When I searched for a watch repair/making forum, I found this to be a really nice community, a place where I can search and learn what I would need to know on various watch repair issues. I am an old retired fella and redefining my interests to keep my mind under control :). I have had a varied background professionally and I wish to continue to use and hone my skills or even take them to a new level. Watch repair is definitely a whole new level. My interest here comes from the little boy in me, loving shiny tiny moving bits and pieces and the engineering marvels we can do! As we are cleaning up the family estate, I was given my fathers watches and jewelry, compelling me to try and restore his watches. When I started my career in electronics, one of my first fields was meter movement repair and calibration. I worked for G.E. and had many movements on my bench for jewel replacement or hairspring repair. My hands were much more steady then, and I will learn if I can still hold a steady hand. It comes from the meter movement repair job, that lit the fire of watch repair in me, some 40 years ago. After the work at G.E., I moved on to medical equipment design and engineering, then semi retired to my passion of violin making and restorations. So to sum things up, over the years I acquired many tools, some which can be helpful in this, but knowing the right tool is always necessary to do something right, I am now adding new tools to my stash. I of course will need all the suggestions and advice to properly set up a new bench. Timing is always nipping at my heels, and as I am beginning this, I am plopped into a move, so my time to practice and attempt to hone my skills will rather limited. But makes for a good time frame for putting things together for this hobby. So that is the brief (extremely so) bit about me and what I wish to try. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here and hope all shall forgive me as I forget names and places a lot. Memory is going here for sure. I wish all a good day and well being. Tim
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