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  1. Been collecting and restoring antique clocks for over 25 years as a hobby and part time business. Receiving my training from a clockmaker who operated a museum of horology and training in clock repair in South Australia.. After 43 years working full time in a senior government position, I recently retired from the stresses of management to pursue my love of clock repairing and restoration. Over the years I was fortunate to meet and be taught other skills such as French polishing, antique conservation and gold leafing from people who enjoyed sharing their craft. Sadly to say many of these people have passed and like clock repairing are becoming a dying art. Over the years I have I built up a fully tooled workshop and stock piled around 200 unrestored antique clocks to give me plenty to work in my retirement. Some will be added to my collection and others will be sold to fund other purchases. As a long term member of the National Association of Watch And Clock collectors I often read articles relating to watches which fascinated me. i began collecting a few antique pocket watches and often thought about learning watch repair. As my modern wrist watch collection grew, I finally discovered Mark’s You Tube watch repair classes and signed up to his three level courses. So far I have completed the first level course and have just invested in purchasing watch tools. Unfortunately clock repair tools in most cases are not interchangeable with watch tools. I am enjoying the new challenges of watches and hope to apply my learnings to my small and growing collection of mechanical and quartz watches. I look forward to meeting others who share my passion of repairing and collecting timepieces. Photo of a small selection of clocks in my collection I have restored and repaired.
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