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  1. Hi all, best regards form Mallorca, Spain. I came here looking for information on how to repair an ETA 7750 and I found Lawson's wonderful job. I am not a watchmaker, I am an electronics technician and in my free time I also play with mechanical devices. My watch, a Fortis B42 Flieger Chronograph, had a fault in the chronograph, then the oscillating weight was blocked. I take it to the watchmaker but the repair budget is very expensive for me. As I could wind it manually I kept using it until a few days ago it was very hard and I preferred not to force it. I have acquired several tools to treat it. I discovered that the AutomaticDeviceBridge was loose. I have restrained it and at least the automatic works again. At the moment I will not continue to mistreat it, I want to practice with broken and simpler clocks until I acquire the necessary skill to work on it. Kind Regards.
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