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  1. Nice! Will most certainly do this when trying this.
  2. To Thanks everyone! The answers were very helpful. I’m starting to do some repairs and didn’t want to go deeper without understanding fully the whole process of reassembly.
  3. I’m struggling to understand what is a left winding mainspring and a right winding mainspring. Just to clarify, can anyone tell me what is the orientation on this one in the image and what the other one would look like?
  4. Hi guys, I came across an Omega Seamaster 502 that needs a new case back, since the old one is pretty banged up. Does anybody know where I can buy a new one? Couldn't find it around eBay... Cheers!
  5. Hi guys, My name is Luiz Eduardo, from Brazil. Looking forward to start repairing some watches thanks to Mark's YouTube channel Hope to see you around Cheers!
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