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  1. I found one similar. It works. Why not fix ?
  2. I opened a Jaques Carpentier ladies digital watch. It had a battery labeled S260. It was very thin. I tried to cross reference online to no avail. Does anyone know the equivalent.
  3. 2 386 fit in the large holes. Is the small hole also for a battery?
  4. I have an old LCD with a maroon tinted face cover. It has two 386 batteries one facing forward and one back. Then there is a third whole, much smaller over the two 386 batteries. Is this a battery hole? I put two new 386 batteries in and it still doesn't work. Thanks.
  5. I opened Cacheral ladies watch which had no battery. I can't match by comparison. It is larger than a 377 but appears to be very thin or flat. Any suggestions as to what size it might be?
  6. I have a Cacheral ladies wTch. When I removed the back the battery was not there so I can't match by comparison. It is larger than standard 377 but appears to be a shallow battery terminal hole. A very narrow cell. Any clues?
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