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  1. Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question. I looked at the coil with my eye loupe and didn't see anything, the hands weren't in contact with each other or the watch face, so I tried another battery. Still didn't run. I decided to bring the watch to work an looked at the coil under a microscope. After rotating the watch several times to look at the coil from different angles, I finally found an almost imperceptible nick on the coil. I put a silver paste over the area the watch now runs. Thank you watchweasol for the suggestion.
  2. Been wearing analog watches since I received a Roy Rodgers watch in second grade. I have about 16 wrist watches in my collection, mostly Hamilton and Bulova. Some I purchased at estate sales, including an Omega Seamaster Automatic for $25.00 that had a broken crystal. The people that ran the estate sale told me the watch was broken because they tried to wind it, but it would't run. They didn't know what automatic meant, and I gladly gave them the money. I was recently given a Hamilton Khaki quartz field watch with a broken crystal. The movement is an ETA 955112. The watch was running and keeping good time. After watching several videos about replacing a crystal, I ordered the crystal and a watch press. I removed the stem and the movement, and replaced the crystal. I installed the movement back into the case. I carefully installed the stem and replaced the battery. Now the watch doesn't run. The battery is good because I tested it in another watch. Anyone have any idea why it's not working? Thank you.
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