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  1. Thanks for all the help so far! The watch is a TAG Heuer 1000. I looked up some pictures of the diver extention clip online. Not too many pictures of the actual extention, but it looks like this model don’t have the tab (or the other ovners also broke it). This watch has been mine for many years, but i recently moved the pin that connects the extention to the lock, one notch looser. If i tighten it one notch in again, the problem disappers (but band is too tight).
  2. Hi, I have a tri clasp with lock, but the clasp on one of the sides is loose (the short clasp). It will not keep in place, and opens up. Please see pictures, it is hard to explain Any tips on how to tighten this?
  3. Thanks for all the help so far! It’s a ETA 2750. Will try to reform the spring again tomorrow, just have to pick up a pair of round nose pliers. The anchor point fits the spring, just checked it
  4. It’s a CAL. 2750. Still having trouble to reform the spring center. Either the spring get’s too small for the arbor to fit, or it’s too wide. I don’t have jeverly files, so can’t file the hook. Any tips with tools to form the spring?
  5. Thanks, will try to reform the spring center! I took a picture before i removed the old spring. I think it’s installed the right way. Tale a look at this picture from before, compared to the one in my first post:
  6. Hi, I’m trying to replace a mainspring in a watch, but the barrel arbor is not catching the new spring. I tried to make the spring opening smaller with a tweezer, but no luck. Any tips? See the pictures. Is the barrel arbor looking ok? I’m fairly new in this game, but have not had problems with mainsprings before. Thanks, -Espen
  7. Managed to put the movement back together after a lot of struggling with the stepping motor and the bridge. It was a nightmare! Now i also understand why some of you can’t stand to work with plastic.. i broke a plastic pivot. Luckily for me, i managed to repair it. The watch is finally running again! Can’t believe it, my father is going to be so happy. 6BA34310-B80F-4060-BE59-484A19878969.MOV
  8. Thanks, good luck to you too! Have you tried the contact cleaner yet? Stripped down the movement today, it’s a lot of plastic. The circut board looks to be inside the main plate, so i can’t run it in the cleaner. Anyway, i have pegged the jevel holes with pegwood and had a clean up with rodico. The other parts will go in the cleaner, except the steppingmotor.
  9. It was purchased off the bay, so i guess a cleaning and service is needed. Yes, it´s a lot of plastic on the mainframe, but i will try take the movement apart, clean and service it. Thanks for all the tips everyone! Was hoping it maybe was a quick fix, but i will give it a shot
  10. Hello, Long story short, my father had an old certina quartz watch lying in a drawer that had not worked for many years. The watch is from his father, and i decided to give it a go, to make it run again. I replaced the battery, but it didn’t work. It looked like the movement was dead, so i began searching for a replacement. After some time i managed to find the same movement, a ESA 947.111 I replaced the original hands and dial on the new movement and replaced the battery with a new one. The watch keeps tikking for a few seconds, but then stops. The issue is not the glass touching the hands, the same problem occurs when the movement is out of the watch case. Any suggestions? I have never worked with a quartz before, only automatic watches. I really has no idea what to look for. Please see the video: 0DB109BB-9B3E-4CAE-AA6A-688C17A42FED.MOV
  11. Thanks guys! Well, i have broken some pivots and lost some parts on the other movements i have been practicing on, so i guess i was lucky this time Did the last finishes on the watch today. Sanded down the case with 400, 600, 800 and 1200 grit sandpaper to get rid og the worst scratches. Then polished with metalpolish. It turned out well, have a look. Pictures before and after. But again, what oil should i buy for the pallets? Moebius 941 or 9415?
  12. Update: Finished assembling the movement today. The amplitude is a lot better now, but i guess it should be around 270? I have not oiled the pallet jevels yet, because i don’t have the right oil (only moebius 9010 and d5) but have read that this will increase the amplitude a bit. Is that right? And what kind of oil should i buy, moebius 941? Thanks for all the help. This is actually the first watch i have serviced. I have only been messing around and experimented with russian movements, with no hell earlier. So i am quite happy Latest readings:
  13. A little update: Stripped down the movement, cleaned the pivotholes with pegwood and ran the parts in the ultrasonic cleaner. I then lubricated the old mainspring and put it back together. Assembled the wheels and bridge and oiled the pivots. That’s all for now, and i think the wheels are spinning good. Will keep you updated. On the last picture, movement before cleaning to the left, cleaned to the right. 31768034-B766-45D1-9651-97CD42749D8F.MOV
  14. Yes, it was fully wound. Thanks, will do a full service when i have time to sit down with this project! Wow, nice tip! Will definitly check this out, before starting a service. This forum is great, thanks to all of you! I’m learning a lot.
  15. I finally had some time to work with my watch today. Tried Nucejoe’s tip quoted above, but the BW did not move. As some of you suggested, i decided to clean the balance only, before starting a full service. After some time in OneDip and drying, i started reassembling the balance and adjusting the watch in the timegrapher. The watch beat is now looking good! The time is also a lot better now, haha. My only concern is the amplitude, it’s really low.
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