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  1. Thanks everyone! I've been busy and the watch had just been sitting. I finally tried again yesterday morning and was able to set the day and time. I tried removing the stem by pushing that button but it doesn't seem to do anything. It doesn't depress. I read it's the hole next to it where the arrow is pointing. I may try again sometime as the watch is a little dirty on the inside. I'd like to clean it. Also, I may have misplaced the plastic movement ring I guess it's called. The plastic clip that keeps it in place. Either that or it didn't have one to begin with. I can't remember if it had one. It moves around inside the case when adjusting the stem/crown. The dog knocked everything off my table one day. Maybe it rolled across the room somewhere.
  2. I didn't think of that. But, I was able to get a couple of small drops of WD-40 on the stem and crown last night and today they are spinning freely. I'm also able to pull it out some, but not enough to change the day or time. There is a lot of rust or something built up on the stem where it goes into the body of the watch when looking at the inside of the watch. I don't see any rust or anything anywhere else and it's otherwise quite clean. This is a fossil watch that has the time and the day of the month and that's it. And, if I remember correctly, you are supposed to be able to pull the crown out to two different places to adjust them both. I'm going to keep waiting and adding a drop of oil occasionally when it looks dry.
  3. Alright. That was a little tricky. New battery is in. Watch is ticking again after almost 10 years. But it's the wrong time and I can't change it! I'll try to get a drop of WD-40 on the inside of the crown and on the stem.
  4. Is this a good idea? Bad idea? What would you do?
  5. Thanks for the info! The crown still won't budge. I'm gonna put a drop of oil on the inside of the stem / crown every few days and wait and see if it will loosen up. Maybe I need a different oil. Just using some of the girlfriend's sewing machine oil.
  6. Alright I've got the old battery out. What is the best way to install a new battery? Also, I noticed some rust on the stem of the crown is keeping it from moving. I can't spin it or pull it out to adjust the hands. I've put a drop of oil on it in hopes it will come loose. Hope that's okay. I've got it in a position where the oil shouldn't seep down into the dial or anything. Any tips? Thanks.
  7. Okay I think I see what you're saying. So, I can loosen the flathead screw in the bottom right of the picture just below the battery. Then that will allow me to move the metal clip out of the way to remove the battery. Do I need to remove the screw or just loosen it enough to move the metal piece to the side?
  8. Yes, I am slowly realizing there is quite a bit more to it than I think we both had in mind before going down this path. But, we are both big into DIY and we are willing to learn. Thank you for the quick reply. It helps see the big picture a bit more.
  9. I opened up this watch to replace the battery. It seems the metal piece is over it a bit keeping it in place. Is this a clip I need to move or open before removing the battery? Do I need to remove the tiny flathead screw(s)?
  10. Hi. My name is Brandon. I joined because I want to learn a bit about how to care for my girlfriend's watches and mine as well. We're not collectors or anything. Just casual watch wearers. She started all this. I replaced the battery in one of hers. It was easy. And one ended up being a kinetic watch that she hadn't worn in a long time. But, she has a few more that she wants to get going again and I have one as well. We've already damaged one by breaking the crystal trying to pop the back back into place on one of hers. I warned her I didn't know exactly what I was doing and that i had never done it before but she wanted to try. So, we used a watch press...incorrectly. Got it online. I'm pretty upset with myself. I'm usually pretty good about tinkering and fixing things and I usually do more research before diving into something I've never done before. The instructions for the watch press were lacking and I followed them to a T. We see now where we went wrong, though. Should have done some research and watched some videos on how to use one first. Please don't be too harsh on me lol. I'm taking it to a jeweler today to get the crystal replaced because I don't want to get into that. One of my watches and one of hers both have a back that unscrews. I got the tool needed to remove the back and successfully opened them both without scratching them up to see what batteries they need. It all went well. The battery came out very easily in hers, but mine has some sort of clip or something in the way. It's metal and looks like I might need to remove a small flathead screw to open it up and remove the battery, but I am not sure. So, I'm here to learn mostly. Thanks for having me.
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