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  1. Thanks watchweasol that guide is more than I had I'll try and post a picture of movement cheers bob
  2. Hi to all. Has anyone had any experience with a seiko 3e25a movement like a parts list or movement breakdown. Or somewhere to buy a replacement movement cheers in advance bob
  3. Hello to every one does any one know the part # for a Seiko 6119c hair spring when ordering from speedograth thanks in advance bob
  4. Thanks in advance it appears that the 6119-6023,inner plastic bezel needs servicing more frequently then say you would the movement does anybody have experience keeping them alive and a part # please . What would you oil it with or what is the secret to stoping it from sticking and chewing out .this is a great forum .regards bob
  5. Good day everyone my first time at a watch forum I have a Seiko 6119c 6023 in real disrepair I would like to have a parts list for it and if you can still buy the main Spring nos not even sure this is where I as a newby I should be posting But Thanks in advance regards bob
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