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  1. The new springs that you ordered are original ETA parts? It is just a suggestion but maybe that they simply don't fit? I also began to practice on a Unitas clone and noticed some descrepencies between my movement and the original ETA. In fact it wasn't an original seagull but an even cheaper version of the movement. Are you sure that the spring has the correct dimensions and that your technique is the only problem? I suggest that you take a high magnification loupe and try to see if, when you approach the slot with the spring it looks like it can fit. You can also compare your newly received springs with the lower incablock spring that you still have (don't lose this one! LOL). I am not 100% sure if they should be identical but I don't see why they should be different. Maybe someone with more experience can confirm that? good luck and keep us informed!
  2. Thank you all for all your tips. This forum is pleasingly active. You guys helped me get years of experience in just 24hrs! I can see that like in every trade, everybody experiments and sticks to what work for a specific person, his liking and environment. Thank to your help I'll have the opportunity to make my own experiments. I already tried to put a flake of shellac in benzine for 3 hours. It came out unchanged. I don't have to do the experiment in IPA or ethanol. I know the answer. These are the solvents that I use when I prepare my wood finishes. (@nickelsilver : thank you for pointing it out. I didn't suspect that) Please allow me a few more questions : Is there a risk that the glass fiber brushes leave marks on the metal parts? How to you use them? Liberally or with specific care? For those who use One Dip, how do you use it? Do you transfer it to a more practical jar to use it and then back to original container?
  3. Hello, I have a question about cleaning. In the course I saw that if I don't have a cleaning machine I can clean parts by hand using benzine. I wondered if it could be a problem to put parts that have jewels fitted with shellac in benzine. As the benzine could melt the shellac. Is it ok to do it if doesn't stay to long in the solvent? How would you clean these parts if you don't have a dedicated watch cleaner? Thank for your help! Tony1212
  4. Hello everyone! I am passionate about watches since kid. I am a microengineer living in Switzerland. I work on computers all day and I missed working with my hands. So I took the very nice course that Mark created and I hope to be able to disassemble and reassemble a watch soon!! I had no previous experience in watchmaking but unscrewing a few bridges in my grandfather's workshop that was watchmaker. I am looking forward to share my problems with you! Cheers! Tony1212
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