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  1. Those are gorgeous. I really LOVE that era of watches. Nice work!
  2. I've been having great luck with ebay lately. It takes a while to find searches that work and give good results but once you do you can get ebay to send you alerts when new items matching those searches are found. You might also have access to catawiki, not sure. It's not available in Canada :(.
  3. The basic setup: Missing of course is the power supply, electrode, and thing to plate. The small jar of plating solution (Nickel acetate) is sitting in a water bath inside the ultrasonic cleaner. The water bath serves to conduct the sound waves into the plating solution. I've no idea if this makes things better, it's just what I did. It does keep bubbles from sticking to the surface of the object however. The result for me was a nice satin finish, similar to the crown on the watch For the case I polished and sanded this away to make it smooth and shiny. You can see a bunch of imperfections but that seems to be due to it being insufficiently polished and my worrying about breaking through the finish. So, some lessons learned from plating: It takes longer than you think. First attempt I stopped way too soon and it just looked like a weird thin gold plate instead, with all the brass showing through Get the object perfect before. It's not really possible to polish things smooth after plating and they're much more visible. Like most things prep is everything That's it for plating. If anyone has pictures from their attempts or suggestions for how to improve the process I'd love to hear them!
  4. If you're interested I can add pictures. Edit: I'll add more info when I get home, it might be useful for other people wanting to get into plating old watches.
  5. Thanks JBerry! The plating was actually much rougher looking before, this is after sanding and polishing again. For the setup, I roughly followed this guide: https://www.instructables.com/id/High-Quality-and-safe-Nickel-Plating/ My only addition was to put the entire setup into an ultrasonic cleaner with the hopes that it would make the finish more uniform. If I had to do it again I would probably use a lower current (I used .25A, might do 0.1A next time) as I've heard it gives a better finish. I was a bit impatient and so I cranked up the current. For the power supply I'm using an HP regulated PS and setting it to current limit. For cleaning I used G50 watch cleaner, which worked great. For the nickel source I used Nickels, since where I'm from the old ones are nearly 100% pure.
  6. I'm really excited about this project. I bought this watch because it looked interesting, not sure if it was repairable. Thankfully the movement was in good shape, despite missing a couple parts. I removed the last of the "gold" plating, polished the case, polished the crystal. I figured out how to Nickel plate the case (which turned out okay) from some sources online. Super happy with how it turned out! Before: After:
  7. Ollendorf also owned gotham watches it seems and I've found a similar movement from an auction on ebay. Seems like they imported a number of movements from a particular manufacturer in Europe, I just don't know who as the style is unfamiliar to me. As a note, I found a forum post by Dr. Ranfft that suggested ollendorf might import from AS, FHF, or Felsa. I searched through his database for those manufacturers and didn't fine anything.
  8. This is my watch for today, my recently repaired Pierce 103 (SC?). I absolutely adore if and it was easier to get parts for it I would wear it every day!
  9. So I haven't been updating this much as it was taking a super long time to get parts. I was able to order a new balance staff buuuut in the process of switching over the hairspring and little jewel thing (still learning) I damaged the hairspring quite badly. Before attempting this operation I made sure to check that I could order a complete balance from jules borel, just in case. So, $90 later, I had my new balance. I was actually able to clean up the modifications that a previous watch "repairer" had done. I think they were trying to use a balance staff they had lying around to just get it running again but they really just made a mess of it. Putting everything back to factory brought the endshake into an acceptable amount. It's been running for a few weeks now without issue. Super happy to finally have fixed this watch and be able to wear it!!!
  10. So I just picked up this watch from Ebay, thinking it would make a great special occasion watch. I figured I'd be able to identify the movement after disassembly but I'm afraid I'm just as lost as before. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be? What I know: It's an Ollendorf movement. Ollendorf was an importer of watch movements. They have a cool logo. The only markings are a 315 under the dial, which doesn't appear to match any movements in the Ranfft database. Any help is super appreciated!
  11. The above is pulled directly off this site: http://trueler.com/2010/09/13/ups-brokerage-fees-total-scam-fraud-cheating-avoid-it/
  12. I remember them calling me, and they have done so with work shipments as well (we have our own company for doing brokerage at work). Here's the official procedure from the CBSA:
  13. Haha, well the tutorial goes through it in more detail. Basically when they call you about clearing it you tell them you will self-clear. They then get confused, forget you said this, and so forth. You can also refuse the charges when they deliver if I remember correctly. I'm in Saskatoon, so the airport is probably MUCH closer to me than you.
  14. No rolexes haha. I only have older AS movements for the most part. They work super well, especially in comparison to pegwood with a hole. That was not great. Center punch? They're all custom turned parts as per the plans.
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