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  1. That looks amazing! I especially love the little flowers along the bottom. That's some very impressive engraving!
  2. Just got this running today after 6+months looking for parts and I had to share! Ollendorf watch from 20-30's with AS 635 movement. Sorry for the poor pictures, the movement looks so much better irl. Rose Gold plated gears for extra loveliness. I absolutely love this watch.
  3. Hi there, I've been obsessing over trying to figure out how to restore some vintage watch cases I've picked up. Not because they're valuable mind you, but just because I enjoy pre 50's watches. What I've found is that many of these older swiss watch cases were built with Brass as the base metal and then plated. Through normal wear this plating is abraded away until the brass shows, which is "easily" dissolved by the various chemicals (for lack of a better description) on our skin. Often this results in misshapen lugs or missing features. From researching it seems like there are a
  4. Are solid gold wheels mechanically better than brass, or is it just because they can?
  5. Thanks @graziano! I hadn't thought of that. The CMT360-11 you mentioned is sure close and probably wouldn't take too much work to make it fit!
  6. Wow, that's a Beautiful watch @AndyHull! Just simply gorgeous!
  7. I did a couple projects with a cheap three jaw chuck early on and was so confused why parts were never in the same position when I put them back in (no longer concentric). As soon as I tried a 4 jaw it all kinda just clicked. They are magical and frustrating things. Are the two hemispheres the case?
  8. Wow, congrats! I'm super jealous, I've been looking on ebay for months now trying to find one. Perhaps i should browse the local pawn and antique shops!
  9. I'd agree as well. I have some beautiful water stones and if I put a screwdriver near them they'd be damaged. I use aluminum oxide stones for sharpening screwdrivers and just do it under a microscope. Even with the harder stones you can easily gouge them or otherwise make the surface uneven.
  10. Hello, I've been search for a few months now for a replacement glass crystal (the old one broke in half) for this Croton watch. I've serviced it and it's running awesome and I'm really hoping to get to wear it. I've looked around at the GS catalogs I've been able to find but haven't been able to find an exact match for the crystal. Does anyone know what type of crystal this would be? Or perhaps a good place to go looking? Thanks!
  11. I've seen some old watches where you can actually see darkened areas over each number, where the crystal has browned/yellowed specifically due to the radiation. It's crazy how much some companies covered them. I tend to like the 30-50's watches and so bought a geiger counter for safety. It's positively nuts how much radiation some watches give off. Has anyone tried putting new lume on radium to see if it glow again?
  12. Thanks for all the advice. That was my gut feeling as well, it didn't really look adjustable but I'm not very experienced with metal straps. I thought of trying to take apart a couple links, but them being under tension made me concerned about getting it back together. It's too bad as it matches the watch in colour, but it also looked like a great way to loose all the hair on your wrist so I'm not too broken up.
  13. Happy New Year everyone! I've been working on a lovely old Hudson watch with a Felsa 415 inside. I've got the watch running (first automatic!), but I can't make heads or tails of the watch band. I want to adjust it so that it fits me, but I've only every adjusted the old u-pin style. Is there a trick to these older watch straps or are they not adjustable? I attached a few pictures to help. The only markings on it are "JB Champion" (The JB is in a triangle). Thanks!
  14. Those are gorgeous. I really LOVE that era of watches. Nice work!
  15. I've been having great luck with ebay lately. It takes a while to find searches that work and give good results but once you do you can get ebay to send you alerts when new items matching those searches are found. You might also have access to catawiki, not sure. It's not available in Canada :(.
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