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  1. The above is pulled directly off this site: http://trueler.com/2010/09/13/ups-brokerage-fees-total-scam-fraud-cheating-avoid-it/
  2. I remember them calling me, and they have done so with work shipments as well (we have our own company for doing brokerage at work). Here's the official procedure from the CBSA:
  3. Haha, well the tutorial goes through it in more detail. Basically when they call you about clearing it you tell them you will self-clear. They then get confused, forget you said this, and so forth. You can also refuse the charges when they deliver if I remember correctly. I'm in Saskatoon, so the airport is probably MUCH closer to me than you.
  4. No rolexes haha. I only have older AS movements for the most part. They work super well, especially in comparison to pegwood with a hole. That was not great. Center punch? They're all custom turned parts as per the plans.
  5. Just to add to your note about shipping. You do have the option to self-clear, or basically to act as your own broker. This allows you to order from UPS/FEDEX/DHL without getting completely hosed. They SUPER hate it and they've always just done the paperwork for me for free instead of letting me self clear. If you have a Canadian customs office nearby this would be a great option. Tutorial: http://trueler.com/2010/11/24/self-clear-shipment-cbsa-avoid-ups-brokerage-fee/ As a general rule though, I avoid UPS and FEDEX like the plague they are. CanadaPost is a joyous place in comparison.
  6. Well, I'm going to order a new balance and then I'll fix the hairspring. Thankfully I've done this once already on an older movement after watching Marc's video on that. I hope that I'm able to get it running eventually, but you're right, there may be even more troubles lurking down below that make it not worth repairing, especially since I can buy another 103 movement relatively cheaply.
  7. So I removed the gouges under the pallet fork cock as best I could and installed the forks and cock. Now down from scary amount of endplay to "i guess" amount. I think I'm going to order a new balance staff and fix the hairspring. Those seem like the next two best bets for fixing this. I case anyone is wondering, I think this thread is becoming partially a diary of my progress in getting this watch working. Hopefully it'll help someone else down the road, regardless if it turns our negative or positive. I super appreciate all comments/advice as I'm only on my second month of watch repair. I also can't stress enough to just go out and get a stereomicroscope. It's a complete game changer to be able to see ever important detail of the watch. And don't go get an amscope. Find an old Bausch and Lomb. I've used both and the amscope is a fight every time for me, where my bauch and lomb is clear and easy to use.
  8. Some updates about the balance itself: The hairspring isn't looking too great. On further inspection from the side I'm pretty sure that either I (likely) or the last watch repairman (less likely) bent it. I'm also remembering cleaning out a large amount of debris from inside the incabloc chaton, underneath the pierre a trou. I vaugly remember it being on the plate side, but not 100% on that. At any rate I think the pivot is worn down: The other side looks much better.
  9. Well, I think for the moment I can rule out whoever did this trying to remove endshake, so I think I'll buy some shim stock tomorrow and try shimming the cocks up as needed. I much prefer the idea of shims over gouges that shift over time, but then I also have access to some pretty amazing machinists for parts.
  10. So I took the balance out to inspect it and I think you're all right that it was intentional. I found this on the bottom of the balance cock. They're gouges that have been flattened down. I also found this under the pallet fork cock (which almost certainly has too much endshake now). This is what's left after I chiseled off the gouges from the plate at the start of this post.
  11. Hmm... I didn't think of that. I assumed there was too much end shake but I honestly am not sure
  12. Yeah, hopefully I've not messed it up. To me it seemed obvious as the indents looked random and not intentional, but really I don't have any idea. I'll check I have them installed right and I'll look at the staff. I don't think I had a chance to check it over before, or the hairspring. If not I'll have to do like you say and start replacing parts. Thanks for the advice!!
  13. Haha, yeah, I don't have extra endshake on the balance anymore, it looks about right. I'll keep that in mind for next time.
  14. Good Evening (where I am), I've been working on my Peirce 103SC and I'm really happy to say that it's getting pretty close to working. I'm surprised how well this watch is turning out considering I found it at the bottom of a bin of junk in an antique shop! At any rate, I was hoping that I could ask for some advice in fixing this last issue: poor running depending on orientation of the watch. Basically, if the watch is dial up, it'll stop running, but every other orientation seems to run okay-ish (reduced amplitude in some cases). I think I've assembled it and oiled it correctly (I'm new to this), but it just stops running. Light pressure on the endstone on the balance cock also will slow then halt the balance. Is there a common problem I'm overlooking that could cause this? Some more info if you're interested: The balance did have too much endplay, but I determined that was because the plate under the balance cock had been gouged (after manufacturing), leaving some metal edges sticking up. I chiseled those away and it's running better now. The pallet fork also has a lot of endplay (maybe 0.5mm?) but I don't know what to do about it or if it matters. All the jewels are in good condition and the mainspring is brand new. Here's a couple short videos looking at the balance. Thanks in advance for any help! IMG_1170.MOV IMG_1173.MOV
  15. In case anyone is looking for the datasheet for this movement series, I managed to get a copy finally after 3 months of looking from a swiss museum. So excited to finally have something on this lovely old movement! AS341.pdf
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