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  1. Good evening everyone. Can anybody help me with identifying this movement. It’s from a Chinese replica watch and is tiny! Any help would be very much appreciated. thank you
  2. Can someone tell me if this is a type of shockproof bridge or not? Tia
  3. Thanks again for the reply’s guys. I agree it certainly does look like the 740. I took some pictures while stripping and cleaning. Let’s see if the main plate looks the same??
  4. Ill get a picture when i get home tonight if i haven't got one on my phone. Thank you for the reply.
  5. Thanks for the reply's. Im slightly confused with the 2 marks on the movement? Yes it says AS but also TR which is as pictured bellow.
  6. Hello people. I have this old trench watch which I have stripped, cleaned ect but it requires a new balance spring. Only trouble is it has no caliber marks on it and I am stuck. Can anyone please help??
  7. Hello everyone, I've been a lover of all things watches for as long as i can remember. Just in the last year i have started to tinker with a few old replica watches i have and have caught the bug! I have completed level 1 of the course and am totally addicted! I cant stop buying broken watches now :) Looking for like minded people who can help me when im stuck? See you out there........................
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