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  1. Was going to get a new glass as it cracked all around but where does it go as it was half way up the side Can you link me any pics at all My brain works better that way lol
  2. I brought this watch of eBay and when taking the old crack cover of it this ring was lodged inside the acrylic Now is that where its supposed to be or around the dial Cheers
  3. I received the parts you sent the other day They look beautiful and went about installing it but the face is to big to fit the case So i put on the old face and it seems to working well so far Is there a nack to put on the hands and they seem to become loose as soon as you touch them I have Brought a hand installer just waiting on it to get delivered Going to try and repair the other movement and see if I can use the face and get a case that fits Will put some pics on when I can Thanks again
  4. I want the Watch to stay as is just with the same dial in good condition The pics really don't do it justice when it's on your wrist it's amazing The photo is what it was like when I got it broken If anybody knows if you can get the same dial on its own that would be great if I have to buy the same watch then I might do in time Also if my eyes where bad then it might not effect me. But my eyes are just drawn to the damage
  5. I really want the same dial that bad I absolutely love the watch and the dial is what makes it for me I brought a green military Dial and some new hands but don't want to use the dial it just won't suit it at all after how good the watch looks now
  6. hi again I got this seiko 7s26 of eBay spares and repairs and manged to fix it The only thing is the Dial is badly scratched and has a circle scratch in the light where the hands where crushed I manged to cover the main scratch with a blue pen but it's to dark My eyes are like super good So I really notice even the blue is wrong Can anybody point me to this dial for sale anywhere Cheers
  7. Hi everyone I picked up this vintage Lucerne watch of eBay working It has a back cover that looks gold I opened the back but there is no hallmarks Can you get them without hallmarks at all Cheers
  8. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123423783057 Does this set look OK to you??
  9. Also looking for a good set of screwdrivers Any recommendations nothing to fancy as it's a hobby more then a business So around 10 to 20 quid will do
  10. How much would would it cost to get someone to do it up and get it running with a new dial I really like the watch and want it for my personal collection I buy a few watches to sell on ebay after I clean them up and fix a few But one like this I am scared to make it worse then better I am rocking a seiko 6309 at the moment.
  11. Now your just teasing me with those dials My one is pitted to hell and been looking for another one on ebay but no luck lol
  12. I tried to find it by sweeping a magnet over the floor but to no avail My own fault I forgot to take it out before I started to get the rust out I felt somthing hit my hand slightly thrn carried about 5 mins later I was like Bugger I know what that was lol
  13. so to sum up 1.i need the button release part that you press as it broke into three pieces 2.and now i need that spring that pushes that bar closed as that pinged of when i cleaned it without taking it out (my fault) which part numbers would i need as a few bits look the same and cheers for the help so far its been a great help
  14. Well another part gone to the universe of springs lost lol I cleaned the bit out that was rusty and forgot to take that tiny spring out and now it's gone forever... Sad face lol
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