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  1. Doninvt

    Watch of Today

    I have a quartz alarm clock, also with no branding at all. Turns out it's the most accurate clock I own (without some sort of automatic synching). It's gained 6 seconds since I reset it for the end of DST, so it's on track for 18 seconds/year.
  2. Last year Seiko came out with a limited edition watch in their Presage line with a new 6L35 movement that is about a third thinner and more accurate than the 6R15 that has been the usual movement for their higher end (but not Grand Seiko) models. What I haven't seen is any mention of more models with this movement. It makes no sense to develop a whole new movement, and then only crank out a couple thousand copies! At least not at mortal price points.
  3. Doninvt

    Watch of Today

    I do sometimes have one on each wrist when checking one out, partly because my most worn is a Seiko 5 (7s36 automatic with no manual wind). One thing I discovered is that the Seiko runs about 10 seconds/day slower if worn on my right wrist.
  4. Doninvt

    Pocket watch stem/case?

    Thanks for the help! Since the stem was sliding out freely, there was no need to loosen the screw at all, but good warning for the future when I DO want to take the stem out.
  5. Doninvt

    Pocket watch stem/case?

    There's no wider groove, but when I stuck a case knife in in popped right off. I think it would be that tiny screw closest to the stem? Also.. on the wider shot there's an empty screw hole showing on the lower right edge of movement. Should there be a screw in there to hold the movement?
  6. Doninvt

    New, from Vermont U.S.

    Thanks, I just posted to the help forum with pictures of watch, but don't know how to open the case.
  7. I have a ~1980 Lucien Piccard hunter pocket watch, and the stem has come loose. The first question, though, is how to access the movement? With a wrist watch back, I'm used to looking for a slight groove intended for a pry tool (if that's how it comes off). I don't see that on this watch, or even know if access is supposed to be from front or back. The seams seem pretty uniform all the way around.
  8. Hello all! I stumbled on this site from seeing some of Mark's Youtube videos. Now he's got me wanting to assemble a custom, and maybe play with making a few faces with different personalities. I've also got a ~1980 Lucien Piccard pocket watch whose stem has come out, so need to figure out how to open the case to fix that.