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  1. Well the second one looks much neat. And I not at all meant what you think. I like watches whether replica or original, but I'm not a much of a repair guy. But I might get it finished by the 'professional'
  2. And the funny thing is that I just lost the pin today, it just fell out without me noticing it. I guess i'll have to get a new one and this time get it soldered immediately.
  3. Well you're pretty close, I'm from Pakistan.
  4. Well I'm not gonna sand the whole side, as you said it's just a replica no need for such hard work. And about hiring a professional, I understand you think but labor here is quite cheap, the professional might take $5 if he's very expensive, so that isn't a problem. And considering that, I think silver solder is the best choice.
  5. Helpful videos, but in case I get it soldered I will hire a professional for that so skill isn't a problem. And by the way this watch has a brushed finish, is emery used for brushed or polished finish?
  6. Well thank you guys both of these advises are pretty good. I have this epoxy available locally, we mix the two tubes and it works just like other epoxies. But I wanna know that what should I go with; the epoxy or the solder, because the solder seems quite robust and permanent fix, but needs precision. So what should I use? Also how do i polish it afterwards to give it a final brushed look?
  7. Thank you for the answer Andy. No the hole does not have a thread, as I mentioned before it looks like a manufacturing fault which isnt supposed to be there as this is a non-removable link. I also thought of using some kind of glue to keep he pin in place. I think I will go for that instead of being adventurous.
  8. So I just bought an AP replica and noticed that it has a manufacturing fault? It has a hole for removable link where is shouldn't be, it was loose and I lost the original one. What you see in image is just a temporary fix. Now what the problem is that the watch has hole on one side and on the other there is no hole the metal is flush as it should be. The small metal link on the side that is okay if in place but when this pin is removed the link on the side of pin comes loose. This is a picture of watch flipped over. Now how can i get it fixed cause this piece of pin can come out anytime.
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