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    Thanks JBerry; I'm not in Ireland, or Irish for that matter, rather Canadian born and bred, of Scottish parents who came to Canada in the 1950's as teenagers themselves. The fada is a hold over from Britain where although Sean would invariably be pronounced "Shawn" by most, it can confused with "Shane" (Seán and Seàn respectively). After making the introduction I noticed Mark's course curriculum. I may avail myself. ;-) Thanks for the response, very much appreciated JBerry. Seán
  2. Sean


    Good day, a while ago I felt the need for a hobby and I like collecting...things, so...why not pocket watches? I currently only have 6 or maybe it's 8? watches and am enjoying them. I believe the next start for me would be to gain the ability to service these things of marvel myself, and to a degree of professionalism. I have some movements coming my way that currently don't work, so I'll be disecting them to learn why, and perhaps even repair them, but the motive is to learn. Is there a basic tool kit that a newbie ought to look to acquiring that you would recommend? Head mounted loupes? Lighting? Work stations? All suggestions welcomed and understand I am very new to this. Thanks in advance, Seán