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    m1ks reacted to Mark in Pallet Warmer Project   
    Editing a video on the construction at the moment. 
    Need to reset the pallet stones in a vostok which was loaded up with too much shellac. Unfortunately my pallet warmer is missing - searched high and low - I suspect it's in pallet warmer heaven. So I made a new one. Hopefully this will be an interesting video for some. In fact - I made two. Will do a giveaway to a winner for one of them. Details will be announced in my next video which will show how I made these and the video after that will the Vostok restoration where I will demonstrate how they are used.
    In the meantime - if anybody wants to build one themselves, I have attached the plans to this post. If you do make one then post pics

    Pallet Warmer Plans.pdf
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    m1ks reacted to Nucejoe in Watch of Today   
    Compliments on your taste, this is a beautiful watch.
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    m1ks got a reaction from Nucejoe in Watch of Today   
    Brigada Tourbillon today.

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    m1ks got a reaction from markr in Watch of Today   
    Brigada Tourbillon today.

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    m1ks got a reaction from AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    Brigada Tourbillon today.

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    m1ks got a reaction from PaulnKC in Weird Heartbeat (noise from the balance?)...   
    How strange!
    I'm thinking it's highly unlikely that it was related to the out of beat problem but that something has shifted / settled on removing and rebuilding the parts, what I don't know and it's pure speculation.
    Perhaps something rubbing or catching, a screw head very slightly proud etc?
    It's great that it's sounding and looking better, well done on that. Re the beat error, on these with a fixed stud if I get it within 0.5 I typically call it good enough though I'll try for 0.3 or lower but around there you only need the tiniest movement to get it off the other way.
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    m1ks got a reaction from AndyHull in Watch of Today   
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    m1ks reacted to AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    It lives! The 1/2 Kg strap monster lives.

    I was sure I must have at least one BG 866 balance fork in the junk pile and sure enough after a bit of a rummage I found one in a very beat up 21 jewel scrap movement.

    Ignore for the moment the fact that I am clearly an idiot, since I have set the wrong date on it, and listen very carefully, wherever in the world you are, and you can probably hear it tick.
    It may not be the most refined watch in the collection, but it sure is fun.
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    m1ks got a reaction from PaulnKC in Weird Heartbeat (noise from the balance?)...   
    I didn't conclude a need to correct the beat, it was asked how one corrects the beat on a balance cock with no movable stud lever which I advised on using the method I tend to use.
    (However with a BE above 1.0 I would), personally if it's above 0.5 I like to get it as close as possible.
    I haven't tried adjusting the roller table but it would still require removal of the cock to do so and they tend to be quite a tight interference fit whereas the the hairspring collet (most often but not always) is slotted to facilitate adjustment.
    I imagine moving the roller table would necessitate poising the balance again also?
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    m1ks got a reaction from PaulnKC in Weird Heartbeat (noise from the balance?)...   
    Check out Marks YouTube videos, he has an excellent one showing how to adjust the collet on a fixed stud post.
    How big a variance in beat error are you seeing from DD / DU to the other positions, a little variation is normal but if you're seeing huge variations you could have variational error due to the balance needing poising.
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    m1ks got a reaction from PaulnKC in Weird Heartbeat (noise from the balance?)...   
    The beat error is regulated at the collet on the balance staff, I find that a medium to large oiler is ideal depending on the balance, (wristwatch / pocket watch), while the cock is suspended from a balance tack.
    You need to ascertain the direction of adjustment before removing the balance cock then it's trial and error.
    For future reference it's handy to eyeball and adjust as near as possible while the movement is stripped as you can physically see the impulse jewel and align it, adjustment must still be made with the cock removed.
    Addressing the other issue, if you're hearing the noise then chances are something is rubbing or catching when it's side on, have you inspected the jewel holes and pivots for wear and tested for side shake?
    Overbanking is a possibility also, do you know the amplitude?
    Also is the variance in beat error between positions or regardless of position?
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    m1ks reacted to jdm in Watch of Today   
    One of many topics on the subject
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    m1ks got a reaction from yankeedog in Watch of Today   
    I like the case and dial. 
    You could use the single pin pallet you have and halve the time reading to get an accurate time, (or do you double it for one pin only?).
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    m1ks reacted to ro63rto in Watch of Today   
    Seiko 7a28 today

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    m1ks reacted to AndyHull in A New Method For Growing Watch Springs   
    I thought you might be interested in this article that appeared on Hackaday
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    m1ks got a reaction from AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    Orient freshly serviced today. 
    Cal 46491.
    Badly scratched crystal unfortunately as it's a faceted one. 

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    m1ks reacted to yankeedog in Watch of Today   
    Seiko homebrew.spare 7009 movement  7002 dial from  dagaz.hands from esslinger.case and back from ebay. Date window  does not  line up..but I  can't read  the date without  my glasses, while I sure can see those hands.

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    m1ks reacted to AndyHull in Watch of Today   
    This time, its a "real" watch for Watch of today, sort of.

    You may have noticed that I have a fascination for the more quirky stuff.
    Strange types of movements, Communist dictators with bad tobacco habits, sausages, tennis playing beagles.. that sort of thing.
    Well today's , quirk is plastic. Lots of plastic. Blue acrylic and off white PVC to be precise.

    This is a Basis  "Lucerne" watch.  Pprobably, judging by the bizarre design,this is from round about the same time as the first of the Jelly Fish Swatch watches, so around 1983 give or take a few years.
    It is a One Jewel Wonder, with the dial held in place by the crystal which in turn is held in place by a metal retaining ring. No dial feet here, so the positioning of the dial is a little hit or miss. 

    There is no obvious way in to the watch, and the stem release, while visible  through the rear acrylic is not accessible, therefore you have to attack it from the front, so I grabbed a large lump of blue-tak, jammed it on the crystal and pulled, with dramatic effect. The crystal, crystal ring, dial and hands all parted company from the watch, reveling the gummed up mechanism beneath. 
    The crown and stem was extracted by backing off the screw holding the keyless work down, and gently lifting the retaining tab with a sewing needle. This then permitted extraction of the mechanism, which I then tore apart and cleaned.

    The only remaining issue is that if I want to do any further adjusting or regulating, I need to repeat the above rigmarole, however since the thing has presumably never been looked at from the moment it left the factory, it may well be another  thirty years or more before anyone else has to figure this out. 
    Having said that, I will strip it back down again tomorrow assuming it runs for the next 24hrs without any major issues. I have the beat error, and the rate sorted out, but the amplitude is still a little low but I'm hopeful it will pick up a bit as the lubrication gets to work on all of those long neglected pinions
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    m1ks reacted to thierry in Watch of Today   
    My Yema chronograph with a Venus 150 column wheel caliber.

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    m1ks got a reaction from nad in Ronda movement problem   
    I'm now envisioning a bored little guy in a factory giggling away to himself as he pops one of these bits from a bucket nearby into each movement that goes to shipping. 
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    m1ks got a reaction from rduckwor in EB 8800 movement   
    You can access, remove, (by means of 2 small screws underneath, (where you see what appear to be pins beside the cap jewel), clean and lubricate as you normally would by removing the balance complete.
    Care must be taken as the  stud appears to be pinned rather than held by a screw as you typically see and likewise care in refitting and repinning as this task is fiddly.
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    m1ks got a reaction from AndyHull in Problem with a timegrapher?   
    Not at all no.
    As per my reply, what the TG tells you is what it reads there at the time, the watch however is static and it can't estimate a reading based on use.
    They are incredibly accurate but a mechanical watch being what it is, is prone to forces applied to it all day long in use, an auto wind, especially one without a manual wind function, is subject to your daily activity according to how well wound it is.
    You say almost a minute a day but the figures I saw on the video show an average of a few seconds gain?
    i.e. If you were to wear your seiko from a full wind whilst standing stock still with your hands hanging down for 24 hours it 'should' reflect the initial reading of +50s (this is discounting temperature differentials power fluctuation from the mainspring unwinding and movement).
    Look at your daily activities, which positions do you wear your watch in, is it subject to shock that could occasionally halt the balance causing a loss over a day.
    Is it subject to wide temperature variations, for example, you live somewhere hot and work somewhere cold or vice versa.
    I pretty much guarantee that both could see improvement with a clean and re lube, (i've serviced brand new seiko 5 movements and found huge variances in the oiling of said movements) Invicta I'm not sure about but believe they use decent quality Chinese movements? so that will be a similar story.
    One more important thing to bear in mind, there's always a 'settling in' period for a new or freshly cleaned and lubricated movement, I tend to work on a principal of a week of wear then check and regulate again by which time it should have settled into a more regular rythmn.
    I suggest that you try getting a reading in the most common positions you wear yours throughout the day, (take into consideration the resting position if you remove your watch at night or when you get in from work etc), take an average and then regulate that average to 7s+ and it should get you close to the ideal 0.
    If you want more guaranteed accuracy, there are three options.
    1 Strip, inspect, adjust, clean, oil and rebuild but there's only so far that will take you depending on the finish of the original movement.
    2 Get a higher quality mechanical movement, (which are costlier of course, it doesn't have to be a 'name', something with an ETA movement for example will give better results)
    3 Get a quartz watch, which are and always will be more accurate, (but that's not why we love watches) 
    Edit added, the state of wind is in reference to how much wind on the mainspring, if you can manually wind you can wind fully before each test, if your seiko movement is like the 7*** series you can't wind via the stem, only manually by the barrel arbor screw so the mainspring on one test can be fully wound, on the next, half unwound, on the next almost full due to an active day, on the next half again, on the next almost unwound due to a lazy day for example.
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    m1ks reacted to nickelsilver in Barrel bushing   
    I have a nice little carriage clock in for service, very good shape, except for over 0.30mm sideshake of the barrel arbor in the barrel. Thought I would show how I bush these; it seems they often get overlooked or just skipped as they are a little more fussy than just bushing a plate. I measure everything up, then remove the boss in the barrel, and make a bushing that fits from the inside and is stepped, replacing the boss. This way it's captive, and doesn't require a big interference fit to get seated and stay. I turn up the bushing with a boring tool in the lathe, doing the outside as well (running in reverse of course), then do the barrel opening with the same tool. It's a pretty quick process once you have the moves down!

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    m1ks reacted to jdm in Mov't ID   
    Can't blame the timekeeping part doh, and isn't even fully wound. 

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    m1ks got a reaction from Nucejoe in adjusting lower jewel   
    These are considered a good staking set because you can get a jewelling lever attachment making them a jewelling tool as well, I assume that the bent screw is for part of the lever assembly for the jewelling tool but stand to be corrected as my own staking tool is a simpler item. 
    For staking, as long as the plate is flat and can be centred and locked and the stake can be inserted and drop straight it should be good. If someone with a k&d can advise on the threaded bar you might be OK and then keep an eye out for a jewelling set. 
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