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  1. Hello I see Mark has a couple of video's on repairing a hairspring. I'll watch these and give it a go. Thanks Michael
  2. Hi rodabod. Thanks for your response. Perhaps this defect (the terminal curve) would explain why I was having so much difficulty in getting the balance jewel to sit in the pallet fork. I even posted a question about trying to install the balance wheel. Where would I order a replacement balance wheel from? I'm in Canada and the movement is a 2824 -2 clone (clone of a clone no doubt). Definitely not a Sea-Gull. Do you know if the pallet fork & balance wheel have to be order as one unit? I'm thinking a replacement balance wheel (jewel) may not fit into the existing pallet fork.
  3. Hello I'm not expert enough to know the condition of the hairspring from a movement I'm working on. If I post some pictures, would someone be kind enough to look at them and advise if the hairspring is in good shape and can be re-installed in the movement? Thanks in advance for your help. Michael
  4. Hello I didn't oil the end stones as the hinges / claspes seemed a bit dodgy. I'll look into the balance cock. I was wondering how successful I'd be if I installed the escape wheel then pallet fork and then the balance wheel followed by the other wheels; sort of in the reverse order. Thanks for your suggestions.
  5. Hello I'm trying to install a balance wheel into a 2824 clone and am finding it rather difficult. Sometimes I will get it installed and it seems fully operational, however when I tighten down the retaining screw, the balance will stop oscillating. Does this mean the balance is installed incorrectly? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided? Michael
  6. Hello I have a new 2824 clone movement and I need some advice please. Should I strip, clean and lubricate this movement before assembling it into the watch case? Would this be a standard practice for all movements or just clones? How can I tell if a new movement requires servicing? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.
  7. Hello I forgot to add the specification sheet for the ETA 6497-2 doesn't give a pinion measurement for the second wheel. The only measurement I'm able to get is the one via my caliper and I don't know how accurate this would be as I haven't tried to source any hands and try them out. Don't know that I will buy any hands as this is a practice movement.
  8. Hello I looked at this again and was easily able to pull the pinion off the second wheel. I believe it was a "spacer" to allow for the second hand (that came with the movement) to be installed. When it comes time to add a replacement second hand I'll need one that has a hole of about .25mm (according to my digital caliper). I can't use the spacer as it was pinched while being removed. The second wheel pinion doesn't have a hole in it to install a pin type second hand. I hope I'm explaining myself well enough. Does what I've written make sense? Thanks in advance for any help. Michael
  9. Hello On my ETA 6497 clone the second wheel has a pinion that prevents it from passing through the jewel and removing the wheel from the movement. I've read elsewhere that a pair of nail clippers can be used to cut the stem! Is this the preferred method or are there other suggestions? Also if I remove / cut / shorten the 2nd wheel stem, where does the second hand go or can any second hand be installed into the modified second wheel? Thanks in advance for any help that can be given. PS. This is the first movement I've ever taken apart and put back together. It may also be the first movement I destroy; only time will tell! All in all it's been a good experience and I've managed to re-capture all flying objects except for the click spring screw!
  10. Hello Does anyone have an opinion on the Weishi 1900 vs 1000 model? Is the 1900 worth the $100 more than the 1000? Thanks Michael
  11. Hello I need to purchase a movement for the watch repair lessons and the one recommended is an ETA 6497 or clone type. I've come across this Seagul ST36 on Ebay for $63 CDN. Since I've never bought a movement before I'm wondering if this would be a good clone to buy and is it at a good price? I don't believe Sellita make one. Thanks in advance for any help provided. Michael
  12. Hello Can anyone make a suggestion as to the best place to buy or order tools in Canada? I've looked at the sites listed within the forum resources page, however I find the selection isn't as extensive as ofrie.com. When buying tools from the States, do I have to pay duty on them since I live in Canada? Thanks Michael
  13. Hello My name is Michael and I hail from Canada where, on March 8, 2019, we anxiously await springs arrival! As a newby I'm interested in restoring watches and perhaps building a time piece from parts sourced through various suppliers. I find the mechanical movements fascinating and am anxious to get my hands on a movement and start dismanteling and then reassembaling it. Dial faces with interesting colours also interest me and I'm hoping to find and restore some of those. Thanks.
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