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  1. Hello Does anyone have an opinion on the Weishi 1900 vs 1000 model? Is the 1900 worth the $100 more than the 1000? Thanks Michael
  2. Hello I need to purchase a movement for the watch repair lessons and the one recommended is an ETA 6497 or clone type. I've come across this Seagul ST36 on Ebay for $63 CDN. Since I've never bought a movement before I'm wondering if this would be a good clone to buy and is it at a good price? I don't believe Sellita make one. Thanks in advance for any help provided. Michael
  3. Hello Can anyone make a suggestion as to the best place to buy or order tools in Canada? I've looked at the sites listed within the forum resources page, however I find the selection isn't as extensive as ofrie.com. When buying tools from the States, do I have to pay duty on them since I live in Canada? Thanks Michael
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    Hello My name is Michael and I hail from Canada where, on March 8, 2019, we anxiously await springs arrival! As a newby I'm interested in restoring watches and perhaps building a time piece from parts sourced through various suppliers. I find the mechanical movements fascinating and am anxious to get my hands on a movement and start dismanteling and then reassembaling it. Dial faces with interesting colours also interest me and I'm hoping to find and restore some of those. Thanks.