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  1. Hello Not really a watch question, however I thought I would it it a try. I have a couple of Silver Beer Mugs that are tarnished and all I have to clean them with is the L & R Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Solution (ammoniated) and a ultrasonic machine. I also have the L & R Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Solution and an Ultrasonic machine. Does anyone know if I can use these two products on the silver beer mugs or should I get another type of cleaner> Also should I be diluting the cleaning and rinse solutions? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. Michael
  2. Hello Thanks for the suggestions. I've never worked with lume before and so I don't know the properties of it nor what I can and can't to it. This watch and it's dial will be a rewarding learning experience. Michael
  3. Hello I have two questions. 1.) I'm restoring a brass plated dial with newly lumed numbers. Do I protect the dial by spraying on a clear or mat varnish from Humbrol Paints? I don't have an air sprayer so I would either apply the varnish via a brush or an aerosol can. What do you recommend? 2.) Does newly applied lume cure to a hardness that can be sanded down? I may have a few areas where the lume is built up and won't allow the hands to pass. Instead of removing the lumed area and reapplying it, I'm wondering if I can simply sand down the high spots? Thanks in advance for
  4. Thanks John for the reply. The movement itself is an FHF 175, so from the 40's or 50's. I'm thinking of re-luming the dial and hands. If the watch was water proof the case gasket is no where to be found. Then again maybe only the dial is waterproof and the rest of the time piece isn't ! ?
  5. Hello I have a question about the watch dial I'm working on. The numbers: are they painted on or lumed? I've scraped away the "2" and I'm wondering if I should paint it or lume it. If I'm going t repaint it, then what type of paint would I use? Was it common to lume numbers? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. Michael
  6. Hello Recently I bought a knock off, old style Elma watch cleaning machine. Love it. The spring that controls the motor going up and down the support shaft is quite firm and the tension knob can be a killer on the hands. So I found a scrap piece of wooden corner trim and cut it down to 16 cm to make a brace or stop. Works great!
  7. Hi Joe Thanks very much for the tip. I'll give it a try. Michael
  8. Hello I recently ordered, from Cousins, a winding stem for the FHF 175 movement I'm working on. It's listed as "Winding Stem (401), FHF 175 PN FHF175401" When I try and install it the end section is to large for the movement hole (see picture) and the section before the threads is very close to being to big for the channel before the winding pinion. This stem is a fraction to large. I'm not sure of Cousins return policy and since I live in Canada would it make much sense to ship it back? So do I take a file to the stem and try and customise it or order another stem? Ebay has an "FHF 401 W
  9. If your interested in reading more about the subject, here's a link to an article I found: https://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/mainsprings.php
  10. Thanks to everyone for their responses. It's been quite an education! My plan is to try and use the existing mainspring and see what the response is. I've take a time-graph of the movement before it was dissembled and cleaned. Once I've reassembled it and put it back on the time-graph, I'll have a better understanding of where the project is. Michael
  11. Can some one kindly shed some light what these mainspring numbers mean: 1.45 x 0.10 x 300 x 9 Thanks Michael
  12. Hello I don't have very much experience with mainsprings and I've just removed one from a FHF 175 movement. As you can see from the picture it's still coiled up. Any video's I've seen always show the mainspring almost unwound. Is there an issue with mine and should I see if I can order a replacement? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. Michael
  13. Hello I've stripped down this movement and have noted the markings. Can someone please clarify the type of movement based on the photo I provide? Is it a FHF I75 (as is i75) or a l75 (as in L75). I'm also having a little difficulty in figuring out the size for the second hand. I measure the pinion (?) at .30mm (second picture). Does that sound correct? Thanks
  14. Thanks very much for the responses. I believe the next step will be for me to dismantle the movement and have a look. I have a list of items I want to order from Cousin's and if I can figure out what I need from this watch then I'll include them in this order. Thanks
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