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  1. Hello I've stripped down this movement and have noted the markings. Can someone please clarify the type of movement based on the photo I provide? Is it a FHF I75 (as is i75) or a l75 (as in L75). I'm also having a little difficulty in figuring out the size for the second hand. I measure the pinion (?) at .30mm (second picture). Does that sound correct? Thanks
  2. Thanks very much for the responses. I believe the next step will be for me to dismantle the movement and have a look. I have a list of items I want to order from Cousin's and if I can figure out what I need from this watch then I'll include them in this order. Thanks
  3. Thanks to everyone for their responses. You've been a big help. Here are two more pictures of the time piece I'll be servicing. The crystal more than likely will need replacing as will the stem. I can't put any power into the movement as the click won't sweep fully to allow the crown wheel to turn. Questions: 1.) Does my watch come with a seconds hand? I'm not sure if it does or if it uses a sub seconds which the dial doesn't accommodate. 2.) Are all seconds hands sized the same? I don't mean the length, I mean the pinion that they are secured to on the fourth wheel (?), is it the s
  4. Hello Does someone know what type of movement this is? It can out of a Bovet military watch but I don't think its a Valjoux or a Landeron. I haven't taken the dial off and looked on the other side of the movement. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. Michael
  5. Thanks for the advice, when I open the watch I'll research the caliber and go from there.
  6. Hello I hope this is not to big an ask. Can someone please post a link(s) to an assortment of stems, crowns and crystals they bought and feel like the kits are a good addition to a parts inventory. I've recently bought a watch that is missing the stem and crown. Instead of trying to figure out the correct size of each then ordering a single set, I thought it would make more sense to order an assortment and try and select the correct size from a variety of sizes. For example, would an ETA stem assortment be a good place to start or does someone know of a generic size lit? The watch I
  7. Hello Sorry I don't have any images to post; I'm more curious to find out if anyone has links to sites they've used in the past to purchase a watch dial. Obviously I can Google Watch Dials, however I was hoping someone may have designed there own watch from scratch and source a dial from a particular vendor.
  8. Hello Can anyone provide me with links to watch dial re-sellers or sellers other than Ebay or Etsy? I'm interested in sourcing a unique watch dial as a starting point for a watch build. The dial could be wooden or have a painting on it etc. Something unique and interesting. From there I will go onto to find a case, movement, hands and strap; but its the dial that will be the source of inspiration. I have found some interesting dials, however the seller only wants to sell in quantities of 100 or more. Thanks you in advance for any help that can be provided. Michael
  9. Hello Hope this helps. Some items maybe subject to duty depending of your country of residency. From Otto Frei www.ofrei.com - OFREI-CASE11 41M Case Domed Sapphire Glass Fits Eta 6497-1& 6498-1 - DIAL-6498-LUM24HR Dial 6498 Black 24Hr W/Wht Lum 36.5M - HAN-7199 Swiss White Newlite 6-8 Hour Luminous Silver w/White 115/200 16x11 - HAN-6977 Silver W/Wht Small Sec Hand 0.27M X 5.0 - B405W-6-20R 20Mm Pilot Watch Strap D.Brn Gen.Leather Strap W/ Wht Stitch - WM-6.95 Stem Ebauches #401 For ETA 6498-1 (401/1571) - FB-7874 Swiss Made 1.5Mm Dia
  10. Hello Finished building a pilots watch. The design idea isn't mine as I got it from another forum. I upgraded the movement and that's about the only deviation from the original idea.
  11. Thanks very much for the answer / information. Michael
  12. Hello Can someone recommend a Diamond Paste to remove scratches from an Acrylic, Mineral and / or Sapphire crystal? I see various sellers on Ebay and Amazon, however I wonder if anyone in the group can specifically recommend a brand or reply with a link to the product used. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. Michael
  13. Thank you to all those individuals who posted a reply. I believe the issue lies with the hour hand being pressed down to far on the pinion thus raising the hour wheel and thereby shortening the minuet pinion. Secondly, I wasn't able to secure the minute hand possibly because the metal will not form a quality friction fit on the pinion. I've reverted to using the minute hand that came from the movement (for now). Please find pictures attached, and thanks again for all your efforts and pictures. Michael
  14. Thanks CaptCalvin Would this be a parts issue or an assembly issue? I do have another movement that I might be able to exchange parts and see if it helps, or would I be looking at a strip down and re-assembly?
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