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  1. Hi Hamish. Thank you for the reply. I'll give it a little more time and see if I get any more responses to my inquiry. If not I'll get a puller and attempt it myself. Take care. Miles
  2. Hello All. Forgive me for my thoughtlessness. I should introduce myself first before jumping right in and asking for assistance. I collect military watches currently. I'm a real fan of Marathon watches. That's my main area of interest. My other passion is beekeeping which I have been doing since 1992. I've been retired for a little over a year from a really great and rewarding job. I was an electrical lineman for 37 years. Hopefully I'll make some new friends here on Watch Repair Talk.
  3. Hello everyone. Aside from replacing a battery or a gasket I'm not a seasoned watch repairman. I like collecting Marathon military watches. Obviously I try to get them in very good to excellent condition when possible. But a true collector will sometimes take them anyway they can. I recently purchased three quartz 2004 Marathon General Purpose watches. On two of them the tritium vials fell off the hour hands. The vials are still present and are floating around on the dial. For those who may not be familiar with the older Marathons the case was casted in one piece and so there's no removable case back. Your probably wondering how you change the battery then. Well there's a battery sized opening in the back that's covered with a removable rubber plug. So the only way to get to the dial and the hands is to pull the crystal. That's where I could use some help. I don't have a crystal puller and I most certainly don't have the skill or confidence to do it myself even if I had a puller. So what I need is someone to pull the crystal and re-attach the vials to the hands for me. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Miles
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