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  1. I have a Waltham Broadway key wind watch size 18. The balance and hairspring are rusted/broken. Can I take another Waltham key wind 18 watch balance/spring, attach it to the balance cock and use it? I did a quick search for a replacement part but so far no luck. thanks, John
  2. John, Are you the guy who makes a lot of videos which I am now studiously studying? You would'nt be associated with airplanes by any chance?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll start on the project as soon as my tools arrive from Esslinger. Thanks Santa!
  4. I have been studying Youtube videos which show servicing the Elgin 15 jewel pocket watch. I purchased the watch from Ebay. I don't see in the videos how the mainspring is gently unwound. On this watch a plate covers the winding drum. Do I remove the plate which exposes the click mechanism to enable the spring to be gently unwound? If this has been asked before, my appologies. Just now found this forum. John
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