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  1. Hi, I bought one in early Jan as well from ebay paid £70 for it. I have used it once on an ETA 2671 and worked a treat i did disassemble then clean the winder first as it was coated in oil and had brass swarf here and there. Im happy with mine and pleased I bought it just hoping I can use it on AS. movements and a few Seikos. Will post a few pics in the morning.
  2. Hi, I need some advice please on fitting an incabloc shock spring 975.03 to the dial side shock bloc. Can I just push the spring in horizontally to secure it in the hing or do I have to punch the bloc out install it from the outside then press it back in again? was hoping to do it the easy method but i have tried and it does seem to not want to go in! any help would be welcome thanks, please see photo below, the movement is a small ladies FHF 69-21
  3. second thoughts i don't think you have got the wheels mixed up as the second wheel would not fit at all and i can see that it is in place.
  4. Lc130, did you click the cannon pinion 245 onto the centre wheel 206 ? on your video it looks like the center wheel is not the center wheel and may be the third wheel 210 ? if you have assembled correctly then you need to have a jewelled bearing plate for the second wheel 342 that is held on by a screw to the center wheel cock 126. If you don't have that then you have a center wheel cock 126 from another movement and will never work properly. A jewel is needed for the sweep second wheel to run smoothly with light oil on. AS1700 does have that jewel.
  5. Hi Lc130, i have just looked at your middle photo the one with the 2 wheels I zoomed right in and I think they look dirty I can see stuff around the teeth. I think you should clean them up and then try again. You have a nice camera there for close ups better than mine.
  6. Hi, your pivots look ok to me here is a pic of my AS1701 auto winder upside down. I've got more jewels than you! on your video with the centre wheel part that is moving up and down, did you put this centre wheel cock and bridge on with the jewel to hold it in place? see pic are you using this original two piece type of ms? see pic
  7. On your timegrapher what time period is it set to? Try using 20s or 30s to see what your getting
  8. From what you're saying it doesn't sound like the ms is the fault. I think it's the escapment, palet fork, balance that's at fault giving you those noisy readings. Too much palet jewel grease? Possible damage to the palet fork, escapment or palet fork bridge might even be the jewels are warn. What type of oil grease did you use? Could be dirt in that area. Have check and see. Can you take a photo of it a close up of that area? Best of luck with it
  9. How long does the does the power last for after you have wound it up? When you are manually winding it up can you feel a sudden more resistance and then hear a zzza faint sound? When your winding up manually see if you can count about 7 turns of the mainspring that should be fully wound. If you hear slipping early then may be too much grease. What type of mainspring is it? Is it the old 2 piece one? I have had this problem with the very old ones they just slip all the time and I get about 4 to 6 hours of reserve. May be the escapement etc has a problem. Was it touched
  10. Clockboy thanks very much for that I didn't see that one when I did a search the other day. So great news you only need to losen the screws that are on their own, not the writer screws and don't have to remove them totally.
  11. Hi, Can someone please tell me how to remove the bezel from this Breitling? Which screws do I remove or do I prise off the bezel with a knife? I have seen Breitling in house service promotional video on another model and it looked like they removed some screws, I just wanted to make sure. Thanks, see photo
  12. Hi, I'm tony, I have just joined ! I like servicing and restoring watches. I'm here to gain knowledge from others and read up on things I enjoy. Mark, I like your videos and think they are probably the best watch guides on you tube! Thank you for making such great videos.
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