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  1. Hi Watchweasel, Thanks for your response and advice on books. Am already logged into Narks great videos. all the best John
  2. Very pleased to join such a useful & polite resource. Having read lots of the posts it’s good to see such a respectful community. A little info about me. Based in the UK outside LONDON. I have been retired for 5 years after working in the oil, gas & power industry as a lawyer/engineer. Previous interests in amateur radio, electronics and woodturning have now been joined by watchrepair. Watch repair has the advantage of not standing all day but the eyesight and small items is a new challenge. I am a novice at watch repairs. My interest was sparked by rescuing an inherited vintage Longines 30L. I quickly realised that it was beyond my current capabilities and was lucky to find an experienced restorer who resurrected the watch doing a superb job. I wanted to find a find a suitable “fixer up” in antique shops so I could practice but found no suitable items. Major side turn meant I ended up with a vintage Swiss ladies pocket watch Lépine type Calibre. I am slowly realising that spare parts for such vintage movements especially cylinder escapement type is difficult. I am slowly building my tool kit without buying useless items. I now need to get a suitable book on pocket/wrist watch repairs any recommendations? I have a small selection of hand tools with taps & dies. Recently bought an old Boley staking kit and refurbished the box and hardware. Now just need to swat up on how to use it properly and replace a few damaged stakes. Best regards John
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